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Transport In Uganda

Uganda is one of those African countries that welcome thousands of travelers from different parts of the World.

Situated in the Eastern region of the continent, this nation shares borders with Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the West, and Rwanda in the southwest, and South Sudan in the north, and DR Congo in the west.

Many factors including the great transport network invite a wealth of trippers like tourists, students, researchers, businessmen, expatriates to name but a few.

Its capital is Kampala. Most roads to other parts of Uganda start from this lively city. Good roads, stable security, and prominent local operators help travelers to get from one place to another without hustle.

Whether you need to travel around Kampala or any other city, you will undoubtedly have a successful trip.

Moreover, fares for public transportation in Uganda vary according to the location. Don’t be surprised when you find transport rates in Kampala different from those in other areas. Besides that, highlighted below are the various means of transport in Uganda.

Road Transport

This is the most used option in the country. When you try to ask travelers about countries in East Africa with the best paths for road tripping, Uganda is one of the answers.

This nation has multiple tarmacked highways which lead motorists to different regions of the state. Cities like Jinja, Kampala, and more have fantastic routes you use to get around.

Both locals and foreigners like tourists use taxis, buses, coaches, Boda Bodas, trucks, and private cars to reach their next destinations. You can use one of these options, if you need to save money on transport in Uganda. For road tripping or self-drive holidays, make sure to know all that is required for you to legally and safely drive in Uganda.

Gulu town

Air Travel

For those who want to travel to and from Uganda, Air travel is the best. It is faster and comfortable. All passengers who access the pearl of Africa by plane land at Entebbe airport.

This aviation facility welcomes thousands of travelers daily from other destinations around the globe.

Several Airline companies like Qatar Airways, Etihad, Turkish, Ethiopian, Uganda, and Brussels airlines operate flights to the EBB airport.

If you want to use a bus for your onward trip, you can use an airport taxi from Entebbe up to Kampala where you find the bus terminals.

Aside from that, agencies like Aero link operate domestic charters to Kisoro, Kihihi, Kidepo, Pakuba, and other varied spots in Uganda.

Some holidaymakers get to Uganda from nearby tourist spots like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, and DR Congo by road although it requires more time.


Railway Transport

Rail transportation existed in Uganda but collapsed. It isn’t a means you can depend on for your travels around the country. The government is planning to reestablish it fully.

The process is slow and needs time. Currently, the operating trains are for cargo. The only one available for passengers operates on one route and it covers a 45-minute journey.

It conveys travelers from Namanve to Kampala with stopovers in Nakawa, Kireka, and Namboole.

The morning trip starts at 7:00 am and arrives in the city at 7:45 am. The first evening ride departs at 5:30 pm and the second one starts at 7:50 pm arriving in Namanve within 45 minutes.

Railway Transport Uganda

Water Transport

This is for those who want a transfer from the mainland to a certain island on Lake Victoria or any other lake. Operators use local canoes, speed boats, and ferries.

Districts like Buvuma, Kalangala and more have ferries that transport people and their goods. Their movements are scheduled and offer three trips daily. If you want to use it make sure to know the departing time.

A ferry to Buvuma district starts from the Kiyindi landing site. Then for those heading to places like Ssese islands you can board the ferry from Nakiwogo, Entebbe, or Bukakata, Masaka district.

You can’t use a ship to connect from Uganda to nearby nations like Kenya or Tanzania. For Uganda, this watercraft is used to transport goods.

Water Transport Uganda

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