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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Rent a Car at Entebbe International Airport

Do you need a good 4×4 car for self-drive in Kampala or other parts of Uganda? Book one with us. We specifically provide three types (Toyota Noah, Rav 4, and the spacious Land cruiser TX/TZ). There are all in good condition and well-facilitated. Our charge is per day. We allow you to use the vehicle only during day time (from 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM).

Be sure to have the required qualities before driving in Uganda. Besides age, a valid driving license is essential. If you have no one, please don’t sit behind the steering. There are also rental terms and conditions. We provide it in hard copy for you to read and sign it.

When you confirm the rental, we shall deliver the car to you at the Entebbe Airport or hotel in Entebbe. For those who hate self-drive, there is an option to hire a car with a driver. We have professional and friendly drivers at a reasonable price.

If you have a question or wish to make a Car rental booking, fill out the form below. The reservation agent is available to give replies.