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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala


Gadgets Prohibited at Entebbe Airport (EBB)

While packing for a trip to Uganda, make sure to filter, and include only the things allowed at the Entebbe Airport. The list outlines clothes, shoes, legal gadgets like a phone, personal computer, tablets, binoculars, eatables like snacks, gifts and more.

Eliminate these items listed below. You only move with them if you have a license that permits you. If you have no the license, they will confiscate your gadget. Sensitive packages like drugs will lead you to the custody.


A drone is a flying robot. It’s controlled by onboard sensors and the global positioning system. People use this device to take aerial photos, filming videos, monitoring climate change and carrying out investigative or surveillance operations. It’s mostly used by the military, individual photographers and large photography companies.

Tourists who come to Uganda with the drones have to report at the ministry of defense. Other than that, the immigration control orders you to leave it at the airport. You find it when you are going back to your home country.

Illegal Drugs

Drugs like narcotics, marijuana, ketamine, cocaine, heroin and inhalant are prohibited worldwide. It is a crime to possess these sensitive drugs. Every aviation facility, including Entebbe Airport has a machine which can detect the drugs. Be sure to distance yourself from them.

Fake Minerals

You will be questioned if you are found with minerals like Gold, Silver, Bronze, Silicon, Iron ore and a lot more. You have to provide more information, including where you go it and where you are taking it. It can be more worse if these minerals are fake.

Guns & Explosives

These things belong to the military. They are dangerous and not allowed in public. You can’t be allowed to be on the plane with an explosive. Never try to hide it in your suitcase because an automated security machine will detect it.

Body parts of Wild animals

Trafficking an animal or its body parts between nations is a criminal offence. This is meant to curb poaching, hunting and also support conservation. The most commonly trafficked part is ivory. Various conservation organizations collaborate with governments of different countries to ensure that rights of animals are not violated.