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Airport Transfers Entebbe – From Entebbe to Kampala

Once you get at Entebbe Airport, the next step is to transfer up to your drop-off destination which may be Kampala or any other town in Uganda. For this case, it is from Entebbe Airport up to Kampala, the country’s capital city.

From the airport up to Kampala is such a short distance which is drivable but not walkable. Therefore the only option is to drive and it takes about 1-2 hours for the drive in a private car and many hours in a public taxi.

For travelers, public transport is not recommended (it is insecure) that is why you should use Entebbe Airport Transfers to drive you straight to your hotel of stay.

Where to Stay in Kampala.

Once you get in Kampala you are welcomed by a myriad of free-standing skyscrapers with their striking grandeur, calm streets mostly in uptown (Kololo and Nakasero), posh hotels, eateries and friendly locals.

This city has plenty of well-facilitated hotels, lodges and guest houses. Therefore you should not worry about this. Lodging properties of all kinds are available, whether budget, mid-range or luxury.

Since Kampala is the capital of Uganda, most of the hotels in the city centre are high end, so if you are after low-cost properties then you have to see your way to the city’s suburbs.

Where to eat in Kampala.

Wandering along the most streets in Kampala you can’t fail to find a restaurant or any food outlet where you can sit for lunch or dinner. Some of the popular food and café outlets in Kampala include KFC, Café Javas, Food Hub, Chicken Tonight, Mr Tasty and more.

Other than that, all accommodation facilities in Kampala (Hotels, Restaurants and Guesthouses) have onsite restaurants that serve meals to all guests at affordable prices.

What to Do & See in Kampala.

The list of things to do in Kampala is endless, but we have tried to list down the must-do for you before you live this vibrant city.

Visit Historical & Religious sites

Kampala is the epicenter of Uganda’s historical sites. There are many and you need like a full day to finish all of them provided that you are not stuck in a traffic jam. The list of these sites includes Kasubi tombs, Bahai temple, Uganda museum, National theatre, Martyrs shrines Namugongo, the Royal palace of Buganda kingdom, Gadhafi mosque, Namirembe and Rubaga cathedrals.

Go for Shopping

This capital is a mecca for shoppers. Its streets are lined by multiple malls and plazas occupied by shops and supermarkets that sell various goods at unbeatable prices. Make sure to reach out to these outlets for best deals in the city. Some of the malls recommended for travelers in Kampala include Acacia mall, freedom city, garden city, Kingdom Kampala, Forest mall, Shoprite, Boulevard to mention but a few.

Attend fun events

Over the weekends, there are many fun events hosted around Kampala. If you want to kill boredom, don’t miss one of the events like Blankets and Wine, Roast and Rhyme, comedy shows and more.

Watch a football match

For football lovers, the best way to have fun while in Kampala is to attend a football match for the Uganda premier league. Several clubs participate in this league and have home grounds in different regions of the country. The nearest home ground is the Star times stadium for Kampala capital city authority football club.

Visit Lake Mburo National Park

If football doesn’t appeal, you can visit Lake Mburo National Park for wildlife encounters. This park is among Uganda’s top parks and is the nearest from Kampala. It is home to thousands of wildlife species including the African Big Fives. While in this protected area, the best way to take in its Wildlife is to partake a game drive or boat cruise along the waters of Lake Mburo.

Try local Cuisine

If you are a foodie, don’t leave Kampala without tasting the delicious local cuisine served in various eateries around the city. Uganda is among the top destinations with yummy local cuisine in East Africa. Some of these foods include Matooke with Meat, Fish or Chicken, Kalo, Posho, Rice, Cassava, Katogo and more.

Meet with locals

Uganda’s locals are smiley and friendly, make sure to associate with them before you check out of Kampala. Visit the local markets, meet and greet, take photos and as well try to speak some Luganda or any other Ugandan language.