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Special Taxi in Kampala

Hire A Special Taxi In Kampala, Travel Around The City

Do you need to travel safely around Uganda? Just hire a special taxi in Kampala and visit numerous points of interest around. This is more perfect if you are in the city and wish to see multiple draws that girdle the capital.

For tourists, some of the engaging attractions in the place include the National Museum, the royal palace of Buganda kingdom, Bahai temple, local markets like Owino, Namugongo shrines to mention but a few.

Apart from tourists, some need the special taxi just for transfer from Kampala to other destinations like cities (Jinja, Mbarara, Hoima, Masaka, Mbale and more), villages and other points of interest.

You are all covered, just inquire in time and we make arrangements as you may wish. Many operators offer this service, but it is not that there are all legit. Sometimes it gives hard time for someone to choose one out of the many.

This shouldn’t be the same for you. We are here to ensure that you get the service to your best.

Whether it is to transfer from Kampala to another city or from one point to another within Kampala city that is what we major in. You will have no room to regret. Use our form below to chat with our reservations agent.

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