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Taxi fare from Entebbe Airport to Kampala

Are you travelling to Uganda? Before you board the plane get to know that you can easily get from the Airport to Kampala or any other city in Uganda by Airport taxi.

It is rated the best and cheapest amongst the different ways to travel from there.

You may ask how much is the taxi fare from Entebbe Airport to Kampala and highlighted below is the best answer to this question.

Airport taxi fares from Entebbe vary according to the operators and distance to be traveled as it is for any other business.

For the first-timer, you may be not sure of how much to pay but with this article, you will get to know all that it takes to shift from Entebbe to Jinja, Mbarara, Mukono or Masaka by airport cab.

Before you get scared of the cost first know that your charging will depend on what you want.

Some the things that determine your transfer cost include the distance to be covered, type of car you would wish to use, number of passengers and the size of your luggage.

If you fancy luxurious services, it is undoubtedly the costs will also be high than a person who is using the normal services.

Deluxe services include use of luxurious cars like range lover, Land Cruiser V8, Mercedes Benz, Kruger to name but a few.

For those who don’t care about using cars like Toyota Noah, Wish, Rav 4 and Premio, it is just awesome for you. The costs of the transfer are not as high as you may expect. If you are travelling from the airport to Entebbe, expect to pay not more than 30 USD.

Then those heading straight to Kampala, it will cost between 35 – 40 USD in a well serviced and comfortable vehicle. For a traveler who is going beyond Kampala just know you won’t pay less than 50 USD for the drive.

In case you need transfer services from the airport, just click our contact us page and send us a message that highlights all details about your service need.

Our reservation agent is ever online to give a prompt response. See you as you step on the land of Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” for the first time or second.

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