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Entebbe Airport Taxi – Transfer Services from Entebbe

Getting Stuck at Entebbe airport is one of the first things to turn your visit to Uganda a mess. Therefore Entebbe Airport Taxi is on board to fix this issue.

We desire to offer you remarkable transfer services from the airport up to your hotel in Entebbe, Kampala or any other city/region in the country.

Booking in advance saves time and leads to proper arrangements. That’s why we emphasize it. Therefore endeavor to adapt to this option.

Our transfer services are not only limited to Entebbe or Kampala but also other regions of the country such as western region, Eastern and northern region.

The affordable prices for transfers vary according to the type of car used, time of pick-up and location of your drop-off. Therefore we require you to specify all these details when you are inquiring with us.

What to expect on Arrival? On your arrival date, you shouldn’t expect anything else but our driver who will be waiting for you at the arrival space with a placard reading your names. Meet and greet is usual, and our driver will welcome you with a smiling face.

Pack your luggage in the car, pay for the transfer costs and later start your amazing journey to the hotel. Don’t hesitate to ask our driver any question you may wish to know about Uganda.