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Uganda Visa

How To Get a Visa for Entry into Uganda

Those who want to visit Uganda know that a travel Visa is one of the major things required for entry permission to this amazing country.

Travelers used to apply for the Uganda Visa from any consulate in their home countries. Right now you can do it online.

Visit this website and press the start new application button. Fill in all the details needed. Follow the steps up to the last one.

Visa Rates

The ordinary/tourist visa costs 50 USD. For those who want to visit more than one country in the East African community, the East Africa Tourist Visa is the best.

At 100 USD you get one for use. This card grants entry to all these three countries named Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo and Kenya.

Other categories include the one for diplomats, transit, and multiple entry. The transit paper allows a traveler to pass through the international zone of an airport without entry into the nation’s territory.

The charge for a transit permit is $50 and the rates for multiple entries are 100 USD for 6 & 12 months and 200 US dollars for 24 months.


An online application requires you to provide a scanned valid copy of a passport, yellow fever vaccination card, and a negative PCR test for Covid-19 or immunization card. This applies to a tourist/ordinary entry permit to Uganda.

For a transit card, on the above requirements, you add on a letter that states the transit reason and the destination country. For the East African Visa, the travel itinerary and return flight ticket are needed.

A great warning

For those who apply for a Ugandan Visa online. Know that there is internet fraud. Therefore make sure to only use the website for ministry of internal affairs.

Payments are done online before processing the application. Your request won’t be processed until the payment is finished and online transactions are non-refundable.