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South African Airways Suspends Operations for Months

Administrators in charge of the struggling South African Airways have decided to halt its operations as they plan to restructure it.

The local broadcaster in South Africa said that the responsible authorities decided to put this national carrier under maintenance and care until funding for the proposed restructuring plan is found.

It will require more than 621 million USD (10 billion Rand) to restore this airline to its normal.

This airline has been flying to major destinations across the world but it entered local bankruptcy protection in December last year after experiencing financial losses. This is shaming to South Africa as a country.

Troubles for this airline worsened in March when the government announced a ban on international travel and suspended all passenger flights from and to South Africa.

In May 2020, the company’s acting CEO Zuks Ramasia declared the suspension of all international flights by South African Airways.

The closure of air transportation was intended to alleviate the widespread of the dangerous COVID-19 virus.

Operations by South African Airways are still on hold, but the country will open the skies on October 1. For now, the aviation services will be offered by various airlines of other countries.

More flights are expected to be welcomed at O.R. Tambo International Airport and other landing spaces in South Africa.

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