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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Airport Taxi Entebbe

50 Taxis to Operate at Entebbe Airport per Day

After opening the Airport on October 1, cabs also resumed work and for now only 50 taxis will operate at Entebbe Airport per day.

Out of the 240 registered airport taxis only a quarter of it will transfer visitors to their destinations of interest daily. This is meant to mitigate the wide spread of the dangerous COVID-19 virus.

The first phase for opening Entebbe international Airport covers October to December 2020 and the second one will end in June 2021.

This decision aims at reducing the number of taxis at the airport such that the parking lot and other parts are not congested. Social distancing is the order of the day.

The Chairman for Airport Taxi Services Cooperative Society limited “Jackson Sserubidde” said that before the resumption of operations at Entebbe airport, they were briefed on all the standard operating procedures. So travelers shouldn’t worry about that.

He added that several airport taxi operators are facing difficulties to resume work because of high costs to be incurred such that their services meet the procedures required to alleviate the spread of the coronavirus. It will require them about 800,000 – 1.5 million to start operations from the airport.

For now, the volume of business is very low and this is due to a few people who are traveling at moment. Since air travel has just resumed, more travelers are expected as things improve with time.

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