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Boda Boda in Kampala

Boda Boda Transport in Kampala, Uganda

Boda Boda transport is the quickest way to get around Kampala. This two-wheeled motor vehicle carries passengers from one point to another. It is found and widely used in most cities around the world. It is hard to find a city or town center without this means of transport.

In Uganda’s cities like Masaka, Jinja, Mbarara, Mbale, and more, Boda Boda is a good business because most locals like it. Most operators in this business are fresh and young men from universities and tertiary institutions.

It is an easy option for those who graduate and fail to get their carrier jobs. When you focus and concentrate, a Boda Boda in Kampala can make you good money. The seating capacity of a motorbike is one passenger though riders in Kampala carry more than one person.

You may even find one with three commuters. It is not the rider’s wish. Sometimes it is a request from the customers with limited transport fee. This is risky because there are traffic officers at different points who target those who are overloading.

If you need to use this option, I advise you to follow the rules and travel safely. Make sure to put on a helmet. Most local operators don’t have the second helmet. If you hope to use a motorcycle frequently, it is better you buy your helmet and move with it. Riders like over speeding, therefore don’t hesitate to advise him on the kind of speed you like.

Aside from that, Boda Boda fares in Kampala, Uganda are affordable to everyone. It starts from 1000 Uganda shillings for short trips of about 1-3 kilometers, 2000 for 4 – 6 km, 3000 shillings for 7 – 10 km, and more.

The price for long trips ranges from 5000 – 20,000 shillings or more. If the journey to cover is more than 15 kilometers, the public taxi is cheaper than a bike except when you fancy an urgent ride.

How to get a Boda rider in Kampala

Visit Stages

Every corner in the city has a stage for Boda Boda. There are ever there waiting for clients. Even if you don’t visit a stage, you can’t fail to get one along the streets.

On your walk on the streets, he will stop by and say “Tugende”. This Luganda word in English means should we go? They always quote a higher price for a ride, so don’t forget to negotiate.

Online Service

Besides stages, certain companies offer online services. No need to hustle. These include Safe Boda, Uber, Taxify, and more. You can order one using their mobile app and the rider will reach your location.

If you don’t have their app, you can visit the play store for android, apple store for iPhone and install the app. It uses the internet and maps. When you order one, the nearby rider will offer you the service. It charges per kilometer. Before you start the drive, be sure to pair your app with the rider. At the end of the trip, it will show you the exact amount you are supposed to pay.

Moreover, Boda Boda is quick and cheap for short trips, but not safe at night especially for foreign travelers like tourists. I recommend you to use it only during the day. For a safer way to go at night, you can use a special taxi hire Kampala. Make sure to reserve in advance.

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