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Boda Boda in Kampala

Public Transport Fares In Kampala

Located in the central part of Uganda, Kampala is the nation’s capital. It is about 47 kilometers from Entebbe international airport, the entry point to the Pearl of Africa.

It differs its self with a range of appealing things including lively streets, free-standing skyscrapers, vibrant local markets, pretty shopping malls, posh eateries, service centers, serene gardens, and a lot more.

Moreover, Kampala is home to the president’s residential place found in Nakasero and the parliament of Uganda.

It is not only a commercial hub but also a tourist spot. Therefore it is not surprising to find travelers including it on their wish list for Uganda. The best way to explore several draws in various corners of the city is to embark on a city tour.

Apart from that, Kampala is the main base for those who need to connect to other parts of the nation. Most of the roads to places upcountry start from this amazing spot.

It welcomes thousands of people who come in to carry out different activities. Its great transportation aids people to get from one point to another without hustle. Road transport is the only means you can use.

For those who want to travel around this remarkable city, highlighted below are the various options for you including the estimates for the fares.

Matatu Taxi

Kampala has several parks where passengers go to board taxis.

The list includes the old and new taxi park, USAFI and Namayiba. Taxi operators base from these places and transport people to other areas around the city.

There are different stages for numerous town centers and there are labeled with posters. Once in the park just look out for a poster that reads the name of your next drop-off destination.

You can as well hear men shouting Kampala – Kamwokya – Ntinda, Nakawa – Banda, Zzana – Kajjansi, Bwaise – Kawempe, Mpererwe – Gayaza, Kasubi – Kawala and a lot more.

For trips within Kampala suburbs, the prices range between 1 – 4 USD (2500 – 10,000 Uganda Shillings). Short distances are less than a dollar. Taxis in Uganda carry 14 passengers.

Gulu town


This three-wheeled motorcycle taxi is a new introduction to Uganda’s public transport. It carries 2-4 passengers. In Uganda, this vehicle is mostly used by Ethiopian, Eritrean and Somali nationals. You can visit one of their stages in Kampala and enjoy a ride. It charges about 1 – 6 USD (2000 – 10,000 Shillings) depending on the distance.

Boda Boda

Boda Boda in KampalaIf you don’t want to mix up with other people, a Boda Boda is the best although it is only great for drives around the city’s suburbs.

You can’t use this option for a journey that is more than 50 kilometers. It carries only one passenger and makes sure to put on a helmet.

For longer distances, a Boda Boda is more expensive than a taxi. The minimum charge for a ride is 1000 shillings (3 km). Moreover, the price range for a drive is $1 – $5. To be safe and free from robbers avoid using this means at night.


Buses mainly offer upcountry trips. Multiple companies are available but make sure to choose a legit agency for the best services.

If you want to use a bus for your transfer to Gulu, Pakwachi, Kotido, Mbale, Kitgum, Mbarara, Bushenyi, Masindi, Hoima, Fort portal, Kyenjojo, and more visit the boarding points to book a ticket in advance.

The list of bus terminals in Kampala includes the Kisenyi bus terminal, Namirembe, Namayiba, and more. These places have numerous offices for different bus operators.

Besides that, the bus rates for upcountry trips are between $6 – $30 (15,000 – 100,000 Shillings). In conclusion, public transport costs in Kampala are favorable to everyone. For private services, a special or airport taxi is for you.

Bus Terminals Kampala

Mode of Payment

The above-mentioned options use the pay by cash. There is no use of Visa or Master cards. For buses, you make payment in advance before the journey starts, and you are issued with a ticket. Then for Boda Bodas and Matatus/taxi, you are free to give in your trip cost after the journey.

In the taxi, a conductor will ask for the money when you are about to reach your next stop. Only local currency is accepted. Make sure to have small notes. If you have a bigger note, you can get the change at any fuel station along the way.

Conductors are good at abusing if you give a big note at the last minute. Moreover, if you don’t want to be over disturbed in a matatu, be sure to use a front passenger seat or sit at the back end.

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