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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Special Taxi in Kampala

4 Ways To Travel Around Kampala

Situated about 45 km from Entebbe airport, Kampala is the capital of Uganda. It is referred to as the country’s pivot because most services and important facilities are found here.

It is home to the parliament of Uganda, the president’s house, businesses, and most commercial buildings.

Besides that, multiple tourist spots ideal for those who visit the country for tourism purposes dot its various corners. So it is no surprise that tourists include it in their travel plans for Uganda.

A day trip in Kampala takes you to various appealing draws such as the national museum, Bahai temple, Buganda kingdom Royal Palace, Gadhafi mosque, Martyr’s shrines Namugongo, local markets, and more.

If you are not sure of how to travel around Kampala, we list you four different ways trippers use to reach several places of interest.

Special Taxi.

For those who need to explore what the city has to offer, this is the number one option you should choose. Hire a special taxi, and it will be available to transport you around.

All you need to do will be covered. Private taxis exist not only for city tour but also for a trip from one location to another within Kampala or out.

Airport Taxi in Uganda

Public Taxi/Matatu

Public taxis convey locals from the CBD to other areas that girdle the city or from other places to the city for work and other issues. It is cheap, but not endorsed for foreign visitors and those who need privacy.

Unless you fancy great encounters with the locals, then you can opt for this.

Gulu town

Boda Boda.

This option helps you get from one point to another by motorcycle. It is cost-friendly and idyllic for those who are after time. It is good if you want to dodge traffic congestion.

You can hoop on a Boda Boda and get to your next destination. For visitors to the country take care when using this mode of transportation. Don’t use it at night.

Boda Boda in Kampala


Do you want to reach off the beaten path areas? Walking around is the best way to go. This alternative will lead you to hidden locales you can’t get to when using a car.

It is perfect for short-distance treks and awards endless views of the city’s splendor. Make sure to check out the markets like Owino for local life encounters. Taste Uganda’s delicious cuisine.

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