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How to Save Money on Transport in Uganda

Traveling to Africa is one of the most exciting things that every tourist would wish to do. This continent consists of pretty destinations to explore. One of them is Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

This country hides in the Eastern region of the continent. Several people visit Uganda for different reasons. Once you get to Entebbe airport you will need to reach your next location.

Therefore it is important to have a glimpse of transport in Uganda. Here are the best means to use if you don’t want to spend more while getting around Uganda.

From EBB, the best option for you is an airport shuttle. Multiple taxi companies offer the service at affordable rates. Get in touch with one and make arrangements for your trip. You will reach Kampala, Jinja, Kisoro, Mbarara, and Fort portal, Mbale, Gulu, Masaka or any other place of interest.

These cities dot the various parts of the country. Kampala is the starting point for all trips to other regions of the nation mainly for those who are in the central province.

To spend less on transport, make sure to use a Boda Boda, public taxi or bus. Where necessary don’t hesitate to walk on foot.

While in the city center, a motorbike is good to get from one point to another. It is great for those who hate mixing with other travelers. You will get around cheaply and comfortably.

The price range is between 3000 – 10,000 Uganda shillings depending on the number of kilometers. Most cities in Uganda have Boda Boda stages in different corners. Make sure to bargain.

For longer journeys out of the city, the best option is to use a public taxi or bus. Visit the boarding points and terminals if you need to enjoy the services offered by different operators.

Once in the taxi park be sure to look for a vehicle with a poster that displays your next stop. Most posters indicate both the place and price charged.

Avoid renting a private car if you need to travel cheaply. This is more expensive. You will need to cover up costs for the car and fuel.

Public means appear to be more friendly but if you trust your pocket I see no reason why you shouldn’t hire a vehicle and travel privately.

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