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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Govt Suspends Arrival Covid-19 PCR Test at Entebbe Airport

On 2/16/2022 the government of Uganda decided to suspend the arrival Covid-19 PCR test at Entebbe airport for all incoming travelers. This is confirmed by Gen Edward Katumba Wamala, the minister for transport and works.

After the outbreak of the new Omicron variant, Uganda through the ministry of health introduced a new directive that required all arriving passengers to do a mandatory PCR test at 30 USD regardless of the vaccination status.

At the start, the testing center used to be congested and people including tourists protested the prolonged time taken to wait for the results. The responsible authorities looked for a solution that worked. Later after testing, visitors were allowed to continue with the journey to a hotel in Kampala or other cities. Results used to reach you by text message or email.

Right now, all travelers are free to exit EBB airport to other parts of Uganda without taking a swab. The suspension applies to all other entry points. This is good news for Uganda’s air travel industry.

The number of trippers using EBB airport is expected to increase because some people were canceling their trips because of the unnecessary tests. Other countries in continents like Europe, Asia, America, and Australia also stopped the Covid-19 tests. The only thing needed is the negative PCR test done from your departure destination.

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