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New Guidelines for Boda Boda Riders in Kampala

With the need to improve the standards of Boda Boda transport, the government of Uganda through KCCA has introduced new guidelines for Boda Boda riders in Kampala and its suburbs.

This is meant to eliminate criminals who use this mode of transport for robbery and assassination of prominent people in the country. These guidelines will make the sector more secure and some operators are welcoming the move. Most passengers were resorting to using Safe Boda, an online operator who offers the service within Kampala city.

The new directives require all riders in the city to register at a stage. The authority is introducing stages at various corners of the city.

The central business district will have only 32 stages with 50 riders per stage. They will also put on reflector jackets with their names and the stage. A helmet is a must.

More stages will be gazzeted in other divisions of Kampala such as Rubaga, Kawempe, Makindye, and Nakawa. No one will be allowed to operate if he or she isn’t registered with a certain stage.

Moreover, the minister hinted that starting March, the training of riders on road usage and traffic safety will commence at the various centers established by the Kampala capital city authority. All drivers are required to have a valid driving license issued by the Uganda driver licensing system.

Ministry of Works is offering a reduced cost for the processing of the permits to enable everyone to be able to meet the costs. A one-year permit is now 105,000 shillings from 135,000 shillings and a three-year permit is 135,000 shillings from the old price of 230,000 shillings.

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