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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Airport

Woman Arrested with Pellets of Narcotics at Entebbe Airport

Reports indicate that the anti-narcotic police unit at Entebbe airport arrested a 29 year old lady who was transporting illegal drugs from Uganda to India.

The suspect is identified as Carol Birungi. She was found with 90 pellets of heroin drugs concealed in her private parts. Her final destination was New Delhi-India, but she did not exceed the EBB airport. The details were disclosed by Charles Twine, the criminal investigations directorate spokesperson.

It is reported that Birungi together with other colleagues, had in January smuggled heroin pellets from Ethiopia to Uganda using one of the porous borders in Eastern Uganda.

Police indicate that some drug traffickers come to Uganda with a target of marrying Ugandan ladies and teach them illegal business of drug trafficking. Below is the statement.

“We have had cases where Ugandan girls are fooled by Nigerian men, who come here pretending to love them to the extent of even marrying them, and start training them to be part of the illicit trade,” said Twine. “Consequently, she starts delivering cargoes to India, Sri Lanka or Europe, but when they don’t succeed and get apprehended, you will never see the Nigerian husband again.”

Twine explains that various measures are put in place to combat the illicit trafficking of drugs, but traffickers still maneuver and smuggle drugs without being detected at the Entebbe Airport and other airports in the world.

Police is advising Ugandans to desist from participating in this illegal activity. It is revealed that, currently 10 girls are incarcerated in Sri Lanka and India. 4 of them are serving life sentences, and no one can dare to plead for their release.

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