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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe Airport Expected to Open on 1st October

After its closure in March, Entebbe International Airport is expected to resume work on 1st October 2020. This secret information was revealed by some of the officials who attended the meeting between President Museveni and Covid-19 task force officials.

This meeting between Museveni and the National task force took place on Tuesday (9/2/2020) and the main reason for it was to review the report on opening Entebbe airport and other sectors like Entertainment industry, churches and schools.

The revealed information includes this statement “We shall open the airport anytime from now but it most likely to operate again at the beginning of October or in the middle of September”.

The main things to be reviewed first before churches and schools are weekly markets, the airport and the tourism sector and this is meant to restore the economy financially.

The airport was supposed to be open right now but what is delaying are the required SOPs that will ensure that there is no more importation or spread of Covid-19 to the country.

The new normal of airport operations require the installation of multiple things such as Temperature monitor guns, disinfectants for aircraft, Automatic Sanitizers, health scanning machines and different points for Covid-19 testing process.

Recently Civil Aviation Authority appealed to the government that over 150 billion shillings are required to enable the airport to operate according to the new required health guidelines. This money will enable the sustainability of air transport operations for the next financial year.

They added on that the suspension of flights in March negatively impacted the revenue that was supposed to be used for management of the airport, other aerodromes and running of day to day activities.

A presidential address to the country about Covid-19 is expected this week or coming week to make final comments on the opening of multiple sectors including the airport that goes hand in hand with tourism, churches, schools, entertainment and sports.

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