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Best Airport Taxi in Uganda after Covid-19

As the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is still on everything is on a standstill. Most countries, including Uganda, are on lock-downs, airports are shut down, and this was meant to limit the widespread of this Virus.

It started in China and was declared in Wuhan city in the year 2019. Later China notified the World Health Organization as this disease to be dangerous. No one knows what caused it and it is seriously shaking all World.

After China, this virus spread to other Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and more. Later it was declared in Italy where it has killed thousands of the Italian citizens. It did not end here the Virus has spread to most countries in Europe, America, Australia and Africa.

Generally, widespread is as a result of infected people moving from one country to another. It is silent and dangerous. Its incubation period is between 2-14 days, and this makes it unique from other Viruses. An infected person can start to show up its symptoms when he or she has spread it to many people.

This Virus passes mainly through the T-zone of a human being (eyes, nose and mouth). Therefore it is advised to touch in your face, wash your hands and as well distance yourself from other people. The symptoms of this COVID-19 pandemic include cough and sneezing, high fever, difficulty in breathing, body weakness and sore throat.

As per now, million cases are confirmed positive, and the United States of America leads with the highest numbers of people mostly in New York State. No, any vaccine is established to cure COVID-19, but medics are busy in laboratories trying out different experiments.

The only vaccine to this Virus right now is to prevent yourself from it. That is why people are encouraged to stay at home for a specified period. In Italy, Spain, India, Iran, Germany, Russia, Rwanda and other countries, there are on total lock-down and no one is allowed to move out of the house.

With time things will come to normal and the travel industry will resume since right now most flight companies are not operating. Most Airports including Entebbe International Airport in Uganda are closed.

If Uganda is your next destination after this novel corona-virus, don’t hesitate to book with Airport Taxi in Uganda for your transfers from the Airport to any location. Their services are unmatched and ensure that customers get value for their money paid.

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