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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

Entebbe Airport now Open to Commercial flights

Entebbe Airport is the international airport of Uganda. All flights from other parts of the World land here. Since it is the only international landing space in Uganda, don’t expect to land anywhere else if it isn’t it.

Since it was established, it wasn’t shut down until 2020 when the president decided to do it after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Its closure was mainly meant to limit the widespread of the Corona-virus that originated from China. It took some time for Uganda to confirm a case for COVID-19 until a Ugandan citizen from Dubai tested positive.

More cases appeared as time went on, but all were imported from other countries. That is why Yoweri Kaguta Museveni decided to shut down the Airport and all citizens from abroad were required to be in quarantine for fourteen days.

The closure of Ebb Airport has greatly helped to limit the spread and importation of COVID-19 pandemic from other countries around the globe.

During the Corona-virus time, no one ever imagined that Entebbe International Airport will resume its works. For sure this saying “hard times don’t last” is very true and Corona-virus is history.

Everything is back to normal and the airport is now welcoming many flights from different countries of the World. To let you know don’t hesitate to book for your flight to Uganda, Entebbe Airport is operating 24 hours.

How to get from Ebb Airport.

This is a question you should think about before you place in booking for your flight ticket. Research about especially if it is your first time to visit Uganda.

This is recommended, but with this detailed information below there is no need for you to make a daily survey. It is our pleasure to let you know how to get from Entebbe Airport without hustle.

Travelers get from Ebb Airport by many options, but the best and cost-friendly way to go is to use Uganda Airport Taxi services. Their services are exceptional and have served many travelers who visit Uganda for business, research studies, conference meetings or tours and safaris.

Airport Taxi service is on high demand since thousands of travelers check-in at the airport, therefore make sure to book in advance such that your order is double confirmed. Leave us a comment below to highlight how this writing has helped you.

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