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Jinja Town

Jinja City – Things To See, Do, & Where To Stay

Situated in the Eastern region, Jinja is named amongst Uganda’s prominent cities. It is big and some parts of it lie along the shores of Lake Victoria. Jinja has multiple tourist attractions, but the source of the Nile is the main draw for most visitors.

Free-standing skyscrapers with stunning grandeur, vibrant streets and numerous religious and historical sites add to Jinja’s appealing allures.

The city Centre is mainly dominated by buildings occupied by shops that vend goods and stores for agricultural products along with the city local market.

It is a cosmopolitan city and welcomes several locals from different parts of the country. There are various tribes, but the biggest percentage is of Basoga tribe. You can find other tribes like Baganda, Bagishu, Bateso, Bagwere and more.

The planning of this area was made by the whites back in the 1990s and some buildings exhibit unique architectural designs that are rarely found in other parts of the country. If you are seeking leisurely holidays out of Kampala, you have no reason to ignore Jinja.

Major reasons for why you should consider it is the serene atmosphere, welcoming locals, availability of complacent lodging facilities, good transportation and a plethora of outdoor activities to engage in for your days.

Adding to the source of the Nile, another inviting spot to Jinja is the newly constructed bridge which connects Busoga to the Buganda region. This bridge spans the notable River Nile.

How to Get There & Around

Getting to Jinja is easy whether you are connecting from Kampala or direct from Entebbe airport. If you are not sure of how to get there, don’t struggle, contact EAE for airport pick up to Jinja.

There are always online to answer any question posed by a client. Feel fill to ask any question about Uganda or transfer services from Kampala/Entebbe to Jinja. Their services are unmatched and worth the money paid.

The drive from Kampala or Entebbe takes about 3-4 hours but depending on traffic along the road and speed used. It is advised to travel early in the morning or afternoon when Kampala – Jinja road is traffic-free.

If you can’t make it to that time, worry not, there is a possibility of using another route which passes through Gayaza and connects to Kalagi then up to the Nile Bridge. Then Getting around Jinja is two-sided, you either rent a car or hire a taxi in Jinja to take you around.

Where to Stay in Jinja.

Leaving alone the attractions, Jinja is full of lodges, guest houses and hotels that offer impeccable services to all travelers who would wish to have some good time within.

These facilities are scattered around so it is up to you to choose your area of interest basing things you want to explore. For cool and noise-free stays it is advised to book accommodation with lodges that are a bit out of the city Centre.

Where to eat in Jinja.

Am pretty sure you won’t fail to get somewhere to go for breakfast, lunch or dinner while in Jinja.

There are plenty of eateries around and even lodges and hotels feature onsite restaurants meant to cater for those guests who don’t wish to move out.

Restaurants in Jinja serve both local and international dishes. If you love food adventures don’t hesitate to taste Jinja’s delicious dishes.

Attractions in Jinja.

This region has many attractions that invite tourists from different parts of the World. Some of these draws are listed below. Whether you choose to stay in Jinja for days or weeks, you won’t live bored for all your time.

Source of the Nile.

River Nile is amongst the longest and renowned rivers in Africa. This river meanders through different countries in Africa including Egypt. Some say that its source is in Jinja and others in Uganda.

There are lots of debates on that, but with all evidence, the source is found in Jinja. Therefore, don’t leave Jinja town before you check it out to witness and admire the beautiful views around.

Mabira Forest.

This stretch of standing trees, shrubs and other vegetation types is located in Najjembe along Kampala – Jinja – Mbale highway.

It is a remarkable stopover when heading to Jinja and treats tourists with many incredible activities such as forest walks, zip lining and bird watching.

Kalagala Falls.

Most visitors to Uganda know Murchison as the only stunning fall in Uganda, but Kalagala falls is another secret to reveal in Jinja. It is beautiful and invites travelers with its cascading waters and surrounding scenery.

Things To Do in Jinja.

White Water Rafting.

This is the main highlight for most day trips to Jinja. It starts at Kangulumira and only a half-day adventure is offered.

In the past, both full-day and half-day adventures were offered, but the full day excursion was phased out after the construction of the Bujjagali falls dam for electricity purposes.

Right now the half-day starts in the morning up to noon for $125 per person.

Zip lining.

For those who would like to take in the stunning views of Mabira forest and other girdling scenery from the sky, you should try zip lining.

This adventurous pursuit is offered in Mabira forest and requires you to be physically fit. It includes tree climbing and sliding along the ropes for some distance from points of higher levels to points of lower levels.

Forest Walks in Mabira.

If Zip lining doesn’t appeal, Mabira forest is also famous for forest walks.

These walks follow the trails within the jungle and rewards with great views of various Wildlife species like birds, some wild animals, insects, reptiles and primates like monkeys.

A guide is often assigned to lead you through the Jungle while feeding you with different information.

Boat Cruise.

This is one of the most proffered for most visitors to Jinja. It is offered along the waters of Lake Victoria. While on the cruise, views of the girdling scenery from the boat are inspirational.

Tour the Local Market.

Jinja local market is situated just within the city centre. It consists of a thousand vendors who deal in different goods including fresh agricultural products. This place is perfect to meet with locals, taste local cuisine and as well buy some hand made goods as souvenirs.

Try fishing on Lake Victoria.

Another thing to make your days in Jinja is fishing on Lake Victoria. This excursion includes a visit to one of the fishing villages in Jinja like Masese landing site.

You will engage in the fishing activity while guided by the local fishermen. It is an incredible activity to partake.

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