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Fort Portal town

Fort Portal

Fort portal is ranked the cleanest town in Uganda. It is situated in the western region. Once you get to fort, you are welcomed by its clean streets and freestanding structures that exhibit exquisite architectural designs.

It belongs to the Toro Kingdom and it is no surprise that the biggest populations within the town are Batoro group of people.

During the day, Fort portal is calm and quiet, but its nightlife is vibrant and dominated by the many bars and night clubs that stud the area.

Fort Portal is like any other town, it consists of all services including banking, Forex exchange outlets, and telecommunication companies like MTN & Airtel service centres, shopping centres and several posh eateries.

How to Get There & Around.

From Kampala or any other location to Fort portal, you can get there by road transport. Many buses leave Kampala to Fort daily. Public transportation is perfect for locals, and foreign travelers although not secure to some extent.

Other than public taxi or bus, you can use a taxicab for airport transfer to Fort portal. Airport taxi rates are affordable. Make sure to inquire with them in advance for early preparations.

Where to Stay & Eat.

Besides the city’s clean streets, hotels and lodges are other things to admire while in Fort portal. There are many in numbers and its modern structures add to the impeccable hospitality services offered.

At least in every corner of the town, there is a hotel or lodge just waiting for guests with their outstanding facilities. Some of these accommodation properties in Fort town/city are mountains of the moon hotel, Kyaninga lodge and more.

The available properties are just perfect for all visitors to Fort and start from the budget, mid-range to luxury class. So everyone can get somewhere to sleep depending on your budget or pocket.

It is advised to book in advance especially during peak season when the city is welcoming in lots of travelers. Most of these lodging properties have an onsite restaurant and a bar that serve delicious dishes and fresh drinks to visitors.

Top Attractions in Fort.

Below are some of the beguiling attractions you can check out while in Fort Portal town. Some are within and others are nearby like Kibale Forest National Park.

The Royal Palace of Tooro kingdom.

For those who are after a glimpse of Toro’s cultural norms and traditions, this is for you. It is located within the town and the main highlight for all tours around Fort.

Many tourists visit this place per day and a tour around expose to numerous artefacts, traditional attires, photos of the kings and instruments of Tooro Kingdom.

Amabere ga nyina mwiru.

This is a unique attraction near Fort portal town. It is hidden and surrounded by beautiful sceneries.

Reaching to this spot is strenuous but worth once you make it. It includes treks via rugged trails while taking in sweeping views of stretching landscapes.

Kibale Forest National Park.

Located a few kilometers from Fort Portal town, this protected area is referred to as the primate capital of Uganda. Part of this park is occupied by Kibale forest, a great home for many wildlife species including the thirteen primates.

There are a lot of things to see here, but Chimpanzees are the main draws for most visitors.

Other primates in Kibale include Blue monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, vervet, baboons to mention but a few. Reptiles, insects and different bird species add to the number of species in this protected area.

In addition to chimpanzee tracking, Chimpanzee habituation experience, bird watching, forest walks are other interesting pursuits to keep you excited in the Park.

Things to Do in & near Fort Portal

Visit historical sites. You can start your day with a visit to various historical sites within the city. This is perfect for history lovers and some of the sites to visit include the royal palace of Tooro Kingdom, museums and art galleries.

Try the local food.

Fort portal has one of the most luscious dishes in Uganda. Don’t leave without tasting some dishes like Ishabwe, Karo which are prepared by the Batoro using their local products like milk, millet flour and more. This experience is perfect for foodies.

Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale.

If you are addicted to primates, this is such a great activity you should start with. It grants tourists an opportunity to meet with these lively primates in the Jungles.

About three sessions of chimpanzee tracking excursions are offered in Kibale Forest National Park per day. These sessions include morning, afternoon and evening tracking session.

For anyone to be part of the Chimpanzee tracking expedition, you must buy a permit which costs $200 per person.

Meet with locals.

Do you wish to learn some local languages? Try to meet with some locals in Fort portal town, associate and as well request them to teach you how to speak some Lutooro words. It is for sure a great experience. Markets are some of the best places to meet with locals for a grand experience.

Take a cooking class.

For a deep insight into Fort Portal’s local food, make sure to take a cooking class. This class starts with a visit to the local markets, learn how to use some ingredients and also pick some you are to use while practicing. After the market tour, you will try to prepare some dishes with the help of a professional chef.

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