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How To Avoid Road Traffic Jam in Kampala, Uganda

One of the things that irritate visitors or first-time drivers in Kampala is too much traffic. Since Kampala is the pivot of Uganda, it is no surprise that most of its areas and roads are congested with both people and vehicles.

This city is ever active and consists of multiple things including business centers and start points for taxi and bus trips to the upcountry.

If you hope to be a daily visitor to Kampala on your next task but are still scared about how you will avoid traffic jams, make sure to use these tips below.

Avoid rush hours

In most cities, the rush hours are ever in the morning and late in the evening. Try to avoid these hours starting from 7:00 am to 10:00 am (morning) and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (evening).

Get on the road very early in the morning or choose to drive in the afternoon. Then in the evening make sure to use the road before 5:00 pm.

Use the Traffic-free paths (Expressways)

If possible use the expressways like Kampala – Entebbe expressway to join other connecting paths. These roads are traffic-free. For example, if you coming from Entebbe heading to Namugongo.

There is no need for you to pass through the city center. Just join the express at Mpala and drive until you connect to the northern bypass for your continuous trip to Namugongo.

Take a Boda Boda

For those who need to get around the central business district, don’t disturb your car. Just park it somewhere and use a Boda Boda to reach numerous points in minutes.

Make sure to ask the charges and agree before you sit. A helmet is more important. Don’t forget to use it and request the rider to use a reasonable speed.

Get traffic updates

Radio stations in Uganda like Akaboozi, CBS, and more give daily traffic updates on various roads in the morning and evening. Be sure to tune in and get the updates such that you don’t be a victim.

Avoid under construction roads

Usually when there are repairs or construction works on various roads, the usage is limited and some lanes are blocked. This usually causes car congestion.

Therefore it is better to avoid these routes and choose the alternatives such that you reach your next stop in time. For more tips you can read our guide to driving around Kampala.

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