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Driving Around Kampala City, Uganda

Kampala is not only Uganda’s capital but also the starting point for major roads to other parts of the country. This is a busy city that receives thousands of people from nearby places daily and too much vehicle traffic.

It has multiple streets for pedestrians and good roads for motorists and cyclists. Driving on the roads in Kampala isn’t for the faint-hearted.

You have to be brave enough to manage the hustle. Do you know what it means to be on the same lane with Matatus, Boda Boda, and tuk-tuk?

It is war. Just know that you need to be multi-tasking. Sit on the steering, control the accelerator, focus on the front and also mind about other road users. Once you can manage this, then you are good to go.

Some people especially foreign travelers who visit Uganda for road trip adventures frequently ask the question of how to drive around Kampala or from the city to other areas.

This detailed article is enough to guide you. First of all, choose to enjoy the ride during the best time to drive in Kampala. For trips upcountry, use these major roads to reach other parts of Uganda.

For those on a city tour, you have to utilize the city’s streets and connect to various attractions like the Kasubi tombs, Royal palace of Buganda kingdom, Bahai temple, Gaddafi mosque, Rubaga, and Namirembe cathedral, local markets, and more.

Places to avoid

Don’t ever risk visiting downtown with your car. This area consists of congested buildings with narrow paths that are ever crowded by locals and vendors.

If you want to go there, the better thing to do is to leave the car somewhere and reach the place on foot. The experience is even more rewarding but make sure to be with a local person to guide you.

While in the city

Driving in Kampala is an easy task. When in traffic, always keep your door mirrors up and put on the center lock. Thieves wait along the streets of Kampala to grab people’s gadgets like phones, laptops, bags, and more. Try to keep them away from points of access.

For parking, there are reserved spaces for you at a cost. The cost depends on the time you spend there. The parking service in Kampala is operated by multiplex. Make sure to check the front mirror of the car.

There is always a ticket placed and indicates the amount of money you have to pay. If you seek more information, don’t delay to check the Uganda driving guide. It has all the details including tips for safe driving.

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