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How To Get a Driving Permit in Uganda

For anyone to drive a Car you must be qualified with a valid driving license. This is in all nations around the globe including Uganda. It is an offence to hit the road without an approved permit.

For any person who needs to drive in the pearl of Africa, here is the information to know about how to get a driving permit in Uganda. You must be 18 years and above.

The first thing is to get a licensed school, go through the training and all the skills necessary for a road user.

This can take a month or more depending on your learning rate. After training, you are free to start the processing. It starts with applying and you can find the form on the Uganda driving license system portal

The mandatory documents include a valid national ID or NIRA verification letter for Ugandans only, for non-Ugandans make sure to have a valid passport, work permit, or refugee card issued by the prime minister’s office for refugees.

Moreover, you are required to have proof of payment, learner’s license, certificate of competence from police IOV, certificate of completion issued by the training school, and the medical examination report.

If you need to handle it yourself, here is the step by step guide. Know that this card costs 135,000 shillings for one year, 230,000 for two years, and 330,000 for five years excluding other necessary expenses.

For those who want to skip the hustle be sure to use a driving school and they will process everything for you but at an extra cost.

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