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How To Get Around Jinja, Eastern Uganda

Jinja is a dream destination for most visitors to Uganda. It is located along the shores of Lake Victoria. It ranks as the largest urban area in the Eastern region. Recently the government added it to the list of Uganda’s cities.

Jinja has a wealth of enchanting allures, but it is most renowned globally as the home to the source of the notable river Nile. It is hard to find a list of Uganda’s must-visit places without this capital of the east.

Jinja has no shortage of interesting things. It is ideal for relaxing holidays. Thousands of travelers visit this spot from various parts of the World.

From Kampala, it is about 80km. It takes about 2-3 hours to get there by private Car or taxicab. The trip enchants passengers with beautiful views of various draws, including the newly built Nile Bridge.

Jinja city is well planned with streets that connect you to different areas, including business hubs, residential units, and more.

It is possible to have a walk along the streets, but transport is a must if you need to access far areas like tourist attractions, camps like Nile river explorers, working places and more. Transport in Jinja is convenient and affordable to everyone.

For those who don’t mind about the comfort, you can use a Boda Boda. Its rates depend on the kilometers to cover and start from 1 USD.

Remember to put on a helmet before you sit for a ride. Advise the rider to keep a reasonable speed. For improved service, you can order a special taxi to take you around. Expect to pay not less than 10 USD for this option.

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