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Fuel/Gas Rates Hike up in Kampala, Uganda

Motorists in Uganda are just scared of what they are seeing. Fuel or gas rates are increasing day by day and this is worrying to Uganda’s transport system.

Okaasai Opolot, the minister of state for energy said that government can do nothing about the current skyrocketing fuel prices. This is a global trend and the price of crude oil internationally has gone up.

Solomon Muyita, the Principal Communications Officer of the Ministry of Energy, said that the government set a reserve price to make sure that players do not overcharge consumers at the pump. None of the players have so far exceeded the set price.

Muyita added that they cannot make the reserve price public because players may push near it. If a specific player is about to reach it, that is when the government can intervene and warn them.

Fuel pump prices for a litre of petrol have been going up recently by between 100 – 630 shillings and 60 – 200 shillings for a litre of diesel.

This week, Total fuel stations in Kampala central business district were charging Shs 4,590 per litre of petrol, up from Shs4, 430. At Shell stations in Kampala, the pump price for a litre of petrol was 4490 from Shs4, 400. These rates change every day.

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