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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Uganda Equator

Attractions you can visit from Entebbe town

Entebbe is one of the beautiful and cool cities in Uganda. It sits along the shores of Lake Victoria in the southern side of the country. Besides being serene, the place is home to EBB Airport, the nation’s main international Air station and multiple lodging facilities. It has its own major allures, but you can as well base here and explore these other exhilarating attractions listed here.

Uganda Equator

Based in Kayabwe along Kampala – Masaka Mbarara road, the Uganda equator is a must see while in Uganda. It is hard to explain how it looks but being there physically can give real answers to your thoughts and questions. Contact an operator and arrange a round trip. Money spent and time offered for a trip to this allure is worth it. Once there, the most interesting moment are the photos while posing at the line.

There’s also an official who is ready to feed you with important information about the Equator. Moreover craft shops exist for those who wish to buy some locally made products such as open shoes, clothes, art pieces, bracelets, hats and more.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

No any other place you should go in Uganda if you are a lover of the Rhinoceros. It is only the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Home to the white species of the Rhinoceros, this protected area occupies a big piece of land in Nakasongola district.

Tracking these animals is the man activity, but there are other adventures that can keep you busy for a day. Birding and nature walks add to the list. Gong to this area by car requires not more than three hours from Entebbe or Kampala for one way.

Ziwa Rhinos

Jinja city

Located along the shores of River Nile in Eastern Uganda, Jinja is a place like no other. If it wasn’t the beautiful moments in this city no traveler would think about it while in Uganda for a tour.

For sure it has a lot to delve into especially if you love adrenaline adventures. The package of unending charms includes activities like boat cruise, bungee jumping, water sliding, rafting, zip lining, tubing the Nile and more. A day here won’t leave you the same.

Rafting the Nile

Kampala city

Being the capital of Uganda it is no surprise that Kampala exists with a wealth of wonders. This is the most developed city in the country and differentiates itself with lively streets, pretty sky scrapers, busy bus and taxi parks, local markets and serene gardens.

A tour in the capital will leave you with hard to forget memories. Expect to visit varied allures in Kampala such as the Bahai temple, Kasubi tombs, shopping malls, Martyrs shrines Namugongo, Gadhafi mosque, the museum, and the religious cathedrals.

Shopping malls in Kampala

Uganda Wildlife Education center

Within Entebbe town you find the Uganda wildlife education center the only place to go for the country’s wildlife if you have no enough time to visit the National parks and sanctuaries. This is the only zoo in Uganda.

It is home to most species except the Gorillas. The rest are here including the Chimpanzee primates. You only need to pay the entry fee and a guide is available to take you around. The experience is worth it. For those with kids, there’s a children’s playground for you.

Day Tours Entebbe


For some unforgettable moments, be sure to visit one, two, or three of the attractions highlighted above. You can do it in a day or two days. Get a transport service provider and enjoy a one way transfer or round trip to these exciting allures. A private car with a driver is the best. Negotiate and get a better quote for the fully covered transport.

Meals and Extra fees

Besides transport in Entebbe, meals and extra fees such as entry fee, buying souvenirs, and tipping guides are on you. Be sure to have some money in local currency with you. It is ever good to be ready for everything. For break fast or lunch you go to any restaurant you prefer. There are present in plenty. Feel free to ask the driver for advise about the best eatery.

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