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Reasons why Stay in Kampala on first day in Uganda

If you are not sure of where to stay on your first day in Uganda, Kampala is the right place for you. Being the capital of the country, this city exists with a wealth of unmatched wonders. It is found in the central region at about 45 kilometers from the Entebbe international Airport.

If you coming to Uganda for a business trip, research or as a tourist, know that you land at EBB. From this place, you get a taxicab ride to Kampala for a night stay. Below, I explain the main reasons why you have to spend a night in the capital on the very first day in the pearl of Africa.

Pleasant Accommodation

For appealing accommodation, Kampala is a place not to doubt. All the country’s top lodging facilities are found in the capital. The list of luxury hotels includes Serena, Sheraton, and Hotel Africana, Mestil, Speke resort, Latitude 0 Degrees, Hilton Garden Inn and a lot more. For those who need the pocket friendly budget and mid-range accommodation, you are also covered. You come ready to enjoy a night in this city without any inconvenience.

Tight Security

Since it is home to the state house, the parliament and other crucial housing structures, it is no surprise that the capital has the tightest security against terror and other threats in the nation. Each corner has a police station meant to keep law and order, avoid criminals from attacking the locals and foreign residents. There is also installed CCTV cameras that are able to record videos for various parts of the city.

Vibrant Nightlife

If you are an addict of night life, Kampala is a number one spot for you. It impresses visitors experienced in the lively clubs and bars that boom during the night. These entertainment places dot the different parts of the city such as Kololo, Nakasero, Kamwokya, Naguru, Bugolobi, Muyenga, Kabalagala, Munyonyo, Buziga, Makindye to name but a few. Moreover, there are close to plays of stay.

Service Accessibility

Every service you may need while in Uganda is found in Kampala. Starting from Banking, Forex exchange, telecommunication service centers, shopping, conference centers, car selling stores, phone and computer accessories, local markets, shopping malls, car rental companies, football stadiums, international hospitals, and more.

Plenty of Allures

A city tour in Kampala won’t leave you the same. If you are here for tourism, be sure to first traverse the capital. You get exposed to a wealth of pretty allures like the museums, art galleries, and cultural sites like Kasubi tombs, Namugongo shrines, and monuments, religious structures like the Bahai temple, Gadhafi mosque, Namirembe and Rubaga cathedrals. The streets are also mind blowing. For local experience, you visit the local markets like Owino.

Start point to Other regions

After Kampala, you are able to connect to other regions of the country. It is the starting point for all roads that lead people to the other parts of the nation. Whether you need a drive to the Western, Eastern, or Northern Uganda, there is a path for you.

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