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Matatu Taxi: An irritating mode of transport in Kampala, Uganda

When you try to name the various means of transport used in Kampala, Matatu taxi can’t miss the list. It is cheap and the most locally used option not only in the capital but also in Uganda. It makes it easier for local people to transfer from one place to another. Travelers also use it to shift from one region to the other. Every town you visit in the pearl of Africa you can’t fail to get a Matatu.

Matatu description

Operators usually export the Toyota hiace vans from Japan and modify them to this type of car. It has fourteen seats and accommodates 14 passengers. The seats are a bit non spacious. You can identify this car by the horizontal stripe with blue square dots. These passenger vehicles operate from various identified stages and offer a ride on different routes.

While in the capital, visit the old taxi or new taxi park to get these vehicles. Each road in Uganda including residential areas have this service provider. They go on stopping along way to load and off load commuters.


Good side of it

This is the cheapest mean of transport in Uganda. It’s easy to understand why it ranks the most used in varied cities. Every corner has a matatu for you to reach your next destination. The rates start from 1000 UGX. Be sure to ask the conductor the cost for a trip before you board. Those guys are rude and arrogant when you fail to agree with him.

Bad side of it

Not reliable if you are on time. They go stopping along the way to load and off load. While using the matatu you can take 2 hours to cover a 50 minute journey.  They mind more about looking for other passengers than reaching the next destination in time.

Some of these cars are used by thieves to robe people. Never board an empty taxi. Try the one that has some passengers. Moreover, these operators sometimes overload and force four commuters to sit in a space that is supposed to be for three people.

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