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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Old Taxi Park Kampala

Kampala Old Taxi Park

Located in the city center along Burton Street, this facility is not only the oldest, but also the biggest taxi park in Kampala. Its boundary is made by three streets.

These are Burton, Luwum and Ben Kiwanuka Street. It is girdled by notable and big shopping malls such as Park Enkadde malls, Aponye, Mukwano arcade, Namaganda Plaza, and more.

The ground floors of these buildings are occupied by shops that vend different goods including clothes, food, soft drinks, and other basic needs.

Old Taxi Park is one of the starting points for major roads from Kampala to other regions of the country. This place has multiple stages for taxi drivers who offer transport services to areas around the city and upcountry.

In 2020, the government decided to close this place for renovation and upgrade to a standard level. The construction works took place for some months and it was reopened to taxi operators in January 2022.

It is now well organized, spacious, not congested, and free from mud that used to appear in the rainy season. It serves routes like Kampala – Entebbe road, Kampala – Jinja, Bombo road, Masaka road and more.

If you need a matatu for your trip out of the city, this is the very best place to go. Apart from this, you can use the new taxi park, USAFI, and Namayiba. For those who need to board a bus, there are various bus terminals in Kampala for you.

Be careful when walking along the streets in Kampala. Some thieves target gadgets like phones and bags for pedestrians. Make sure to keep your phone and money in your pocket. Hold the bag in your chest with two hands such that it is not grabbed from you. Don’t give attention to any person who stops you like he or she is inquiring.

The park is near multiple hotels you can access for accommodation in case you need to spend a night in the city. The list includes Russel hotel Kampala, Peak fortune, Aponye hotel, Boulevard suites, Diamonds hotel, Primera hotel to name but a few.

For lunch or breakfast, there are also various restaurants around for you. These are Salamia, 2K restaurant, Fresh corner, Mambo and Uhuru restaurant.