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Old Taxi Park Kampala

Govt Reopens The Old Taxi Park, Kampala

After months of closure, the government of Uganda has decided to reopen the old taxi park for public taxi operators. This facility is located just in the center of Kampala city.

It is surrounded by notable buildings such as Aponye mall, Park Enkadde mall, Gazaland, Mukwano arcade, and the local shoe store known as Akajja.

The closure of this point happened in 2020. The main aim was to renovate and upgrade it to a standard level. It is now beautifully built with marked parking lounges, entry points, sanitizing points, and passenger waiting points. In simple terms you say, the old taxi is second to none amongst the matatu stages found in Kampala.

This Park accommodates taxis which offer transport services to various places around and out of the city. Taxi operators are just happy about this move. They have been struggling with parking space. Some transferred to other places like USAFI, Namayiba, and the new taxi park.

They see no reason why they shouldn’t regain their spaces in the newly launched old parking area. Moreover, the president lifted the restrictions on the number of passengers to transport in each car. During the lockdown, taxi drivers were required to carry half of the seating capacity. This is no more and the hiked prices are reset to normal.

Some commuters resorted to Boda Boda since prices are almost the same and it’s quick. Operators are calling travelers to come and enjoy the service at reduced rates. For more information read this guide to public transport fares in Kampala.

Boda Boda operators are also requesting the government to put a sharp eye on their sector. The unrevised restrictions are deeply affecting them. The new orders require them to stop offering the service at 7:00 am a point which leaves them unhappy.

The entertainment industry is opening two weeks after the reopening of schools. Bars and other entertaining points will be operating under strict guidelines.

Party goers are soon rejoining the trail but worried about the transport means to use at night. Boda riders have been there for them, but the new limitations are not allowing any gap for them to continue offering the service.

The new trend will be the use of private cars or hiring special taxi Kampala for transfers around the city. A taxicab is even safer and comfortable.

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