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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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Uganda Blocks all flights to & out of Entebbe Airport

Following the widespread of Covid-19 pandemic, the president of Uganda “Yoweri Kaguta Museveni” has decided to disallow all flights to and out of Ebb airport to different parts of the World.

This move is meant to limit the mass spread of this dangerous virus to the country. Out of the thousand countries in the World, Uganda is among those with few cases.

Since last year when this outbreak was declared in China’s Wuhan, Uganda has just confirmed one case so far. A male Ugandan tested positive for Corona-virus on Saturday, and this was confirmed by the minister of health “Ruth Acheng”.

This businessman arrived at Entebbe Airport from Dubai by Ethiopian Airlines. He traveled to Dubai on 17/03/2020 to get some goods for his business in Uganda. It is believed that this man got the Virus from Dubai or got infected along the way.

The latest updates show that this patient is under treatment and massive care in Entebbe. All Ugandans are cautioned to be alert about this Virus. It has spread to all continents of the World, but more worse in Europe with thousands of confirmed cases.

Traveling from one country to another country is the major cause of this spread. So it is no surprise that most countries including Uganda are closing up their borders.

You can easily get this virus once you get in contact with infected surfaces and patients. It is advised to avoid crowds, those who are coughing, touching your face and wash your hands regularly.

Among the continents, Europe is the most affected, followed by Asia and America. Antarctica, Australia and Africa show fewer cases, although there are expected to increase if no great measures are taken.

Italy is the most affected country with 46000 active cases and over 5000 deaths recorded. Other countries under great fear include United States of America, Spain, Iran, Germany, France, South Korea, the United Kingdom to name but a few.

The Situation in China is coming to normal as it records the highest numbers of recoveries, less active cases and new deaths. With this great method taken “Lock-down”, the virus spread is expected to reduce within three months, and things will continue to move on normally.

Stay away from Corona-virus by ensuring all measures emphasized by the World Health Organization. Control Covid-19, your life matters. Stay tuned at Entebbe Airport Transfers for all latest updates about Ebb International Airport

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