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Uganda Bars Public Transportation due to Covid-19

Due to the widespread of COVID-19, more countries are in danger. There are closing up cities, public transportation, airports and other businesses. One of them is Uganda the Pearl of Africa.

It took time after the outbreak until they recorded their first corona-virus case on 18/03/2020. This was a citizen who traveled from Dubai. After that case, the president of Uganda “Yoweri Kaguta Museveni” decided to bar all flights to and out of Entebbe International Airport.

On top of that, the president all closed all schools, higher institutions, bars, churches, clubs and other public places for thirty-two days. Wedding meetings, sporting events, political events and other public events were also put on hold for the same time as mentioned above.

As time goes on, the number of corona-virus cases are increasing. It is now totaling to eighteen people who have tested positive, including the eight-month baby.

This continuous increase has forced the president to go further and stop public transportation. Public transportation including taxis, buses, coasters and Boda Bodas are listed among the top cause for the widespread of the novel corona-virus.

Since passengers next to each other, they can easily spread from one person to another, especially if you sit next to someone infected.

Right now no anyone is allowed to use taxis or Boda boda for a period of fourteen days. Only those with private cars are allowed to travel from one place to another. Only three people or less are allowed in the private vehicle, including the driver.

Prohibiting of public transportation is a great blow to Uganda’s economy because most Ugandans don’t have private cars so this worries how a low living man will transfer from home to the working place.

It is inconveniencing, but the president appealed to the public and requested everyone to be positive to the move made such that we can prevent COVID-19 pandemic “the president said”.

Corona-virus is widely shaking all World. Europe, Asia and America are the greatly affected destinations, although it is slowly multiplying in Africa. The United States of America currently leads the race with highest confirmed cases followed by Spain, Italy and China.

China is in the recovering mode, and few cases are recorded each day. Most of them are imported from other countries. That’s why they have decided to deny permission to all entrants to the country.

As all World is under fear, everyone is requested to follow the directives listed by the World Health Organization to prevent this nasty Virus. (Wash your hands regularly, don’t touch in your face, wear face masks. If you have any symptom for the virus distance yourself from others, and as well avoid crowds).

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