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Uganda Bans Outbound travels to Category one Countries – No more travel to USA, UK, China, South Korea, Germany, Spain, San Marino, Switzerland & Italy for 32 days

After the declaration of corona-virus cases in the nearby countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and DR Congo, Uganda is taking a late move to limit on the spread of this pandemic virus to the country.

On 18/03/2020, the president of Uganda “Yoweri Kaguta Museveni” addressed the nation about strong measures put up to battle the widely spreading Covid-19 Virus.

Uganda is amongst the few countries that haven’t yet confirmed any case of Corona-virus, but this hasn’t stopped them from taking strong preventative steps.

With interest to avert the virus, the president with his ruling committee, decided to ban Outbound travels of citizens to all category one countries for one month.

These countries include China, Spain, Italy, United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and San Marino.

The president added on that they give apologizes to all these countries for this ban and it is meant to curb the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.

All Ugandans are allowed to access these countries above provided that you won’t return to the country for one month and more. Once that period is over, on returning, expect to be quarantined for two weeks in Entebbe referral hospitals.

Get to know this that for the period of two weeks in self-isolation, you will be sponsoring yourself (Hotel costs, meals and other needs).

Besides Outbound travels, Uganda also banned Schools and other institutions, public gatherings like weddings, sporting events, prayers, conferences to name but a few for one month. Clubs and other entertainment places are also closed with immediate effect.

Working places and public transportation is free to continue, but all concerned people and organizations are required to put strong measures. Hand sanitizers, temperature measures and other equipment are required to be in place.

According to the World Health Organization, you can prevent yourself from the Virus by the following means: wash your hands regularly, avoid public gatherings.

Limit yourself from handshakes, report anyone with symptoms of the Virus and drink enough water. The current Corona-virus cases worldwide are 219,350, 8,969 deaths and over 85,745 have recovered.

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