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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Airport terminal

Guide on Transport to & from Entebbe International Airport

When you travel to Uganda, you arrive at the Entebbe international Airport. This aviation ground is located in Entebbe along the shores of Lake Victoria and about 45 kilometers from Kampala, the capital.

Multiple international Airline companies fly cranes to EBB daily. This is the reason why it’s easier to connect from continents like Europe, Asia and America to East Africa and other nearby regions.

Its active 24 hours. EBB flight chart has airlines like Turkish, Brussels, Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, Qatar, Ethiopian Airlines, and more. Here we guide you on how to get to and from Entebbe Airport to other areas in Uganda.

Transfer from the Airport

Once you land at EBB, you have to clear at the immigration. Present the required travel documents, and they issue you entry permission. After clearing, you are free to move to any place you prefer.

It can be Entebbe town, Kampala, Jinja, and other spots in the numerous regions of the nation. It takes about 50 minutes for a drive to the capital. Time taken can be more if you find traffic congestion along the way.

Then to the Airport

For this, you will be getting from your home, hotel or residential area to the Airport for the departure flight. It is very possible to travel from any locale and connect to EBB provided you plan well and use the right transport option. For those who are coming from distant areas, be sure to reserve enough time for transiting.

Remember you have to reach at the check-in point 2-3 hours before the departure time. If the starting point is Kampala, don’t forget to cater for traffic Jam. Most streets in the capital experience too much traffic in the morning and evening hours. You can even get stuck in an area for an hour or two without moving.

Don’t follow Google’s time taken for a drive. You will be misled. Ask a local expert or the reservation agent to guide you on when to leave your location for the flight at EBB Airport. Share the flight details with him or her. He will advise and as well suggest the route to use basing on your starting point.

Moreover, don’t forget the important documents needed at the customs. Reaching the Airport without this paper work is similar to a person who hasn’t appeared. The fact is, without them, no approval for you.

Transport options for you

There are mainly three options. Rent a car and drive yourself, public transport, or hire an Airport taxi. Driving from Entebbe is easy and you can use the Expressway to dodge car congestion in the city center. Public matatu is another way to go but it is not available at the Airport. You have to transfer to Kitoro where you find these local operators. These matatu go up to a car park in the capital.

Besides that, another convenient option is a cab. Entebbe Airport Express employs friendly and trained drivers who transport the passengers in the well-conditioned vehicles. From EBB, you go direct to your residential location. They charge no fee for luggage and waiting time.

Trip or taxicab Fares

In a well maintained and fully air conditioned taxicab, it costs about 40 – 50 USD for a smooth ride to Kampala and its suburbs. The money caters for driver commission, car maintenance, fuel, parking, and Entebbe expressway toll fee. Out of the capital city, expect to pay more for the drive. The cost depends on the number of kilometers to cover.

When to arrange the Airport Pickup or drop off

It’s always perfect to contact the cab operator and confirm the trip in time. First be sure of the travel dates and flight ticket details. One week to the arrival date is enough. Besides that, operators are flexible and work 24 hours to cater for everyone.

For late or last minute booking like few hours to arrive at EBB, try to contact the operator via WhatsApp for quick connection. Send the text message to this number +256773241779. The reservation agent is ever online.

Here are some things to avoid

Don’t order the taxicab when you have already moved out of the arrival terminals. You may fail to get one. Drivers serve whoever is available by that time. There is a possibility of reaching the Airport when all cars are out for trips. If this is the case, then you will have to wait for some hours. This is really frustrating for someone who has been on the flight for some good hours.

When you reach your next destination, be sure to take all your luggage. Check for everything before the driver leaves to ensure that you collect all your gadgets including phones and keys. While driving in traffic jam, ask the driver to put all the mirrors up such that you are free from the road side thieves.

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