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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Airport terminal

Hire a Taxicab with Driver at Entebbe Airport

For all those who desire to travel from Entebbe, you should not hesitate to hire a taxicab with a driver. Besides being cheap, these cars are clean, well facilitated and operated by local friendly and experienced drivers.

There are under an organization that regulate their terms of operation at the Airport. All drivers are registered and required to be putting on a specific uniform whenever there are at work. The uniforms are labeled with their names for easy recognition. Their service is only available at the Airport and they prioritize available customers and those who make arrangements in advance.

How to book one

In case you need to book a shuttle at Entebbe Airport, hustle no more. There is an alternative to do it online using your computer or phone. The only thing you need is internet and a web browser. Go on and contact the reservation agent. He is available to give a response to your request like a quote or anything you would like to know. In case it is urgent, be sure to reach out by a text message via WhatsApp. This connection option is quicker than an email.

Rates for the cab

The fares for a shuttle at EBB Airport depend on the distance to cover. Expect to pay not less than 40 USD for a ride from Entebbe to the capital. If you are stopping in Entebbe and its surrounding areas, you pay only 20 USD. For those who are going beyond Kampala, you pay 50 USD and more depending on the location. Each rate includes fuel, driver commission, car maintenance fee, Airport parking and the Expressway toll fee.

Mode of payment

Most drivers prefer to pay cash on arrival as they don’t have machines that charge credit cards. When you reach EBB without cash, there is an option to visit the ATM machine at the Airport and withdraw some money. If not that, you can visit the Victoria mall in Entebbe town to get some money. You can do the payment in United States dollar or Uganda shillings. For any query about payment, don’t wait to ask the reservationist for proper guidance.

Connecting with the driver

Once you confirm the booking, the driver will wait for you at the Airport on that day you arrive. Make sure to share your flight details and names with the reservation agent. After clearing at the customs, you proceed to move out.

When you reach the arrivals waiting area, look for the poster that showcases your name. This is the easiest way to connect with the driver who came to pick you up. Moreover, we advise you to be in touch (WhatsApp) with the person who arranged your Airport transfer. For a case where you can not recognize the driver, you can easily get back to him for help. The Airport has free WIFI.

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