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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala


The aviation industry in Uganda has got something to achieve in the past years including the reestablishment of its national carrier, but challenges still exist. In this article, I highlight the major points that still limit the proper progress of air transport in Uganda.

Few Airports

The runway is a main point if you wish to receive planes from various parts of the world. Uganda has one international Airport that is located in the central part of the nation. You find it hard to invite more airline operators when you have no enough landing space. Other parts of the country have only airstrips of which these are only suitable for domestic flights. After the construction of Kabaale Airport, there will now be two international Airports. These are still not enough.

Passenger traffic

There is still few people that travel to Uganda when compared to another countries. This is because of shortage of attracting features in the nation like investment opportunities, tourism and more. The low passenger traffic gives hard times to the airline companies since they find themselves flying planes with empty seats. Even companies that offer domestic flights find it hard to keep operating for some good years. There are few people who get around the country by plane.

Financial difficulties

Finance is a crucial factor when it comes to service delivery. Various airline companies like Kenya Airways, Uganda Airlines, Air Tanzania and more spend years working in losses. This leaves them unable to employ a commendable working force. So, it is not hard to understand when you see companies reducing the number of flights operated per week or month.

Limited labor

Uganda’s aviation industry still experiences shortage of labor. Operators find it hard to get fully local qualified and experienced pilots, air hostesses and more. It is expensive to employ international workers as you have to facilitate for everything.

Poor marketing

The government has not done enough when it comes to marketing Uganda worldwide. This include inviting in new air line operators, requesting for connecting flights and making people around the world know that Uganda exists.

Regional insecurities

Some parts of Uganda are near the Democratic republic of Congo, one of the most insecure nations in Africa. DR Congo is majorly disturbed by the ADF rebels who even cross to Uganda and cause abrupt attacks. This really scares away travelers and investors who would wish to do business in Uganda.

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