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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Aiport Facilities

Information to Know about Transport at Entebbe Airport

Transport at Entebbe Airport is an important point for those who need to travel to or out of Uganda. You need to plan well such that you dont miss your flight, especially for those who are departing to other parts of the world. Below is the detailed information you need to know before you start your journey to the Entebbe Airport.

Traveling to the Airport

Traveling from Kampala or other areas in Uganda is easier by use of public means or a private car. For public transport, you usually have to board a matatu from any location in the capital up to the Airport stage in Kitoro. From this stage, you continue by a cab that charges not more than 3000 UGX per person.

Each cab takes about 4 to 5 passengers. Sometimes you reach there when it is not full. So, you have to wait for other passengers to come. If you are on time, you can choose to use a Boda guy though the Boda Boda stops a few kilometers from the Airport gate. Then you have to walk on foot for about 2 kilometers until you reach the Airport parking or departure area. It is somehow disturbing if you dont like to walk.

For those who hate public means, there is an alternative to order a taxicab to pick you up from Kampala or other area for a private ride to the Airport. This option is more convenient, reliable and quick. The cost for a ride from the capital to the Airport is 40 USD. This is majorly meant to cater for the driver’s commission, fuel used by the car, Airport parking, car maintenance and the expressway toll.

Traveling from the Airport

You can direct your relative or a friend to wait for you at the Airport. There is enough parking for those who come in with the car. When you arrive, the only thing you have to do is to pay the parking fee and thereafter you exit for a ride to Entebbe or other places in the country.

If you haven’t organized transport with any relative or colleague, you can get from the Entebbe Airport by a taxicab. These cars are cheap and operated by local Uganda drivers. There are marked and under an organization. All vehicles are in good conditioned and well facilitated with fully working air conditioning.

Another option is to rent a car. The provider will deliver it at the Airport on the day you arrive. When you meet the representative, you just sign the rental agreement. After, the car is handed over to you. Then, you are free to drive to your next location.

Parking at the Airport

Parking at Entebbe Airport is available at a cost. The charge depends on the period of time you spend inside. Each car pays 2000 UGX for the first one hour. Additional time is charged 1000 UGX per hour. If you enter the Airport and spend there like 2 hours, expect to pay 3000 UGX. Payment is done at the specific installed machines.

You insert in your ticket and it will display the amount you have to pay. Thereafter, you insert in the money. These machines accept only paper notes of Uganda shillings starting from 2000 – 20000 UGX. It does not allow coins and the 50,000 UGX note. Moreover, you can’t use the credit cards and foreign currencies like dollars, pounds or euros.

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