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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

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Unique services at Entebbe International Airport

Traveling to a new destination is something that excites every person. You be eager to see new people, attractions, and a different environment. To have a successful trip it is always better to first research about next place you are visiting.

The Airstrip is often the first place to see as you are transiting to another country. For Uganda, EBB international Airport is the entry point for all travelers who go to the pearl by air transport. If you are a first timer, here are the essential things you didn’t know that they exist at the Entebbe Airport.

Airport Taxi driver

When you land at EBB you need to get to your next place. It may be a hotel or residential home. Road transport is the only option to use. There’s no shared shuttle. You can only get a taxicab driver and enjoy the ride privately. Operators are ever available at the Airport. They serve whoever client is present at that time.

During busy hours you may fail to get a driver if you didn’t reserve in advance. You easily identify a cab by its unique appearance. These cars exist with a horizontal yellow stripe and marked with numbers. Drivers put on uniforms with their names. Be sure to reserve a taxicab before you land at EBB.

Free Wi-Fi

Like most Airports in other parts of the World, EBB has free Wi-Fi for travelers to use and communicate online as they clear at immigration, wait for luggage, departure flights and more. It has no password. You connect and check your emails, send WhatsApp text and more.

Public toilets

For those who have no access to toilets inside the terminals, there are public toilets outside the terminals. These places of inconvenience are near the ordinary parking area. Just open for everyone at the Airport to use them. It includes the men and women wing.

Telecommunication Agents

Two major telecommunication companies operate in Uganda. These are Airtel and MTN. You can buy a Sim card for one of these operators. Put it in your phone to make local calls and access to internet. Their packages are of daily, weekly, and monthly subscription. These agents exist at the Airport to serve those who need the local Sim cards.

Long term parking

Car parking at EBB is at a cost. There’s ordinary, VIP, and long term parking. The cost for this service is per hour. For long term, you usually pay per month and your vehicle is kept safely.

Money transfer Agents

For those who desire to do money transfers at the Airport, the service is available for you. Other than there, visit the Victoria mall and everything will be sorted out.

Automatic paying machines

These machines are in place for you to pay the parking fee. You only insert in the card and it will display the amount of money to pay. You as well put in the money. If it’s excess, you will get the balance back. If you don’t know how to use it, seek for directions. There’s an officer to help you.


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