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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe Airport

Ugandan Travelers Decry Money Extortion at Entebbe Airport

Several Ugandan who exit the country for other destinations have come out to report bribery and corruption practiced by immigration officers at Entebbe Airport. Claims shared through video posting on social media platforms indicate that officers ask mostly citizen travelers for extra money in order to clear their documents.

It is alleged that even if you have all the required documents, the officers choose to intimidate and command you to look for money needed or miss your flight. You either call your relatives to send the funds or pay cash in case you have it with you. Multiple trippers have missed their flights after failing to respond positively. One of them is the notable Musician Don MC Kapata who was traveling to the United States of America.

In his social media post, Don MC indicates that officials at immigration requested 1000 USD from him. He refused to give the money because there was no reason the payment. After claims, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority issued a public statement, and promised to investigate the matter. Those found guilty will face penalties including termination of contracts.

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