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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Arrival Entebbe Airport

The new impressive Face at Entebbe international Airport

If you left Uganda in 2018 or less, expect to be surprised with the new appearance of EBB Airport on your return. The government of Uganda embarked on the renovation and expansion of this facility in 2019.

Everything going on is executed by a notable Chinese company that is applying latest technologies to put the Airstrip on the world’s rankings. The works include, the construction of a new passenger terminal cargo center, a parking area, and refurbishing the VIP and ordinary parking lot. The project is expected to be done in 2024 unless there’s unavoidable circumstances.

Entebbe Airport is one of the busiest in East Africa. It welcomes several flights from various parts of the World, and departs many to the earth’s varied regions. One of them is Uganda Airlines, the nation’s flag carrier. Other airlines that operate flights to EBB are Ethiopian Airlines from Ethiopia, Rwanda Air, and Kenya Airways, Turkish, Brussels, to name but a few.

After arriving here, you visit a health tent for checkup. Officials trace for symptoms of diseases like Ebola, and Covid-19. Later, you proceed to the immigrations desk to seek for entry permission.

Be sure to have the needed travel documents. There is always a long queue, especially when more than two planes land at the same time. From here, you wait for your luggage, visit the service centers for money exchange if needed, buy a local Sim card and move out.

Getting from EBB

When you move out, you see a number of people standing with placards that exhibit names of their guests. If someone is waiting for you, please look for your name. You can travel from EBB by a private car or hire a cab.  EBB taxi is cheap and convenient. Drivers of these cars where uniforms and have identity cards.

For a private car, it is arranged by a relative or friend you have in Uganda. Moreover, you can use public transport. From the Airport, you need a transfer to Kitoro where you find the public taxis that transport passengers to Kampala. To reach Kitoro, you have to use a cab or choose to walk. Walking seems to be not possible because the distance is about 6 kilometers.

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