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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Special Taxi in Kampala

Book a cab at Entebbe international Airport

Traveling to Uganda is easy if you have all the required travel documents. You land at the Entebbe international Airport. This facility is along the shores of Lake Victoria. Visitors use the taxicab service to get from EBB to other parts of the country.

Entebbe Airport express is the number one provider of this service. Use an online platform to contact their reservationist. You can reach him via Email but for quick connection, a WhatsApp text is better.

It sometimes takes longer for someone to check the email inbox. This is not the case for WhatsApp. This is a mobile app that is easily checked every 30-50 minutes. Even if the person isn’t online. He or she can hear the notification of sent message. Don’t delay to send a text on this contact +256773241779.

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