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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Scam alert

Money Scamming Trick at Entebbe Airport, Uganda

There is a new trend of stealing people’s money on internet. Thieves target locals through calling them or sending WhatsApp message notifying you that there is someone who sent you a package from abroad. It is common in most countries, including Uganda.

The scammer will have a chat with you via WhatsApp. They use international numbers, mostly for Nigeria. He first pretends to be a good hearted person from USA (volunteer, donor or church leader like Reverend father or sister). It is meant to grab your attention. After, he promises to send you a packaged gift that includes gadgets like laptops, smart phones, cameras, jewellery and more.

One or two days after, a person with a local Ugandan number will call you. He claims to be a clearing agent from Entebbe Airport. Once you receive the call, he tells about the received parcel and directs you to send the funds via mobile money so that the package is delivered direct to your location.

After sending the money, they withdraw it and switch off the phone. Then you come to realize that your money is taken. Some locals in Uganda are not aware of this type of scam. They end up being victims. Our advice is that whenever you receive the same type of scenario, please don’t send your money. There are thieves. Below are screenshots of some victims.

EBB money thieves


Scam at EBB Airport

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