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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Entebbe International Airport

If Uganda is your next stop expect to land at Entebbe airport, the gateway to this spectacular destination.

It welcomes planes from various corners of the World. You may be a first or second-time visitor, but with limited information about the ebb airstrip. Highlighted below are some of the details that are good for you to know.

When was it started? 

Opened by the British colonial authorities, the airport started its operations on 10 November 1951.

Its first construction started between 1928 and 1929, later expanded before it was declared an international airport for the country.


Entebbe airport is geographically located in the Southern part of Uganda. It is about 32 kilometers southwest of Kampala, the country’s capital.

The major nearby town is Entebbe town, a suburb that is surrounded by the shores of Lake Victoria.

How to Get from there.

There are several ways to get from Entebbe Airfield, but the cheapest, flexible and convenient way is an airport cab.

For a first-timer, you may ask which taxi should i use? Don’t worry about this. There are many but if you want impeccable services that are offered at competitive prices, don’t hesitate to book with Airport Taxi Uganda.

They ensure that you travel safely and get well to the exact location of interest.

The driver will pick you, but the reservation agent is ever in touch via email or phone call to double confirm that you reached well. Customer is their priority.

Where to Stay.

From the airport, you can stay in Ebb town, Kampala city, Jinja, or any other location depending on your travel schedule.

All these cities and towns comprises remarkable hotels reserved for guests to stay. Whether your interest is a lodge, hotel, motel, guest house, or an inn, there are all available. Just make sure to reserve in advance.


Entebbe airport is open 24 hours and receives a plethora of planes from different countries. Service providers are ever attentive to ensure that you are worked on.

The Airdrome is open all week from Monday to Sunday ready to welcome aircrafts flying in passengers, cargo, and those leaving for other nations.

Is it international?

Yes, Entebbe is the only international airport in Uganda. It receives flights from various corners of the world daily.

Services around.

Like any other international aviation ground, Entebbe offers a range of services including airport taxi services, forex exchange, restaurants, cafes, telecommunication centers, fast food outlets, and more.

How to get there.

If you are from other parts of the country to Entebbe airport you can get there by a taxicab. Be sure to pre-book this service. Entebbe Airport Express is one of the best agencies you can use.

Last-minute reservation is always frustrating. You may fail to get a taxi since there are in high demand and most of them operate on timetable.

What’s required for Entry. 

To be issued with entry permission to Uganda, you must have a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination card, Visa, and a Covid-19 test certificate.

Failure to present this, just know you won’t be allowed in. To avoid disappointments, move with all those documents listed.

Things nearby.

One of them is Entebbe town, a place that is full of hotels, eateries, and captivating things including tourist draws.

If you are a tourist, some of the allures you should not miss include the pristine beaches, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (Zoo), Entebbe botanical gardens, Zika forest, Mabamba swamp, and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary on Koome group of Islands.

For more details read our 7 things to know before you a book a flight to Uganda.

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