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7 Things To Know Before You Book Airport Taxi in Uganda

Uganda is one of the most visited countries in Africa. If it is your next destination, know that you will arrive at Entebbe airport.

Several flights land here per day. Visitors to Uganda get from the ebb airfield to other regions by an airport cab. Before you reserve one, the information highlighted below is for you.

It is Cheap & private. Getting an airport taxi to transfer from Entebbe to Kampala or other parts is the cheapest way to save some money in your pocket. 

Airport taxi prices in Uganda range between 30 USD – 200 USD depending on the distance or place where you are going. 

Besides being cheap, this option is flexible, convenient, and ensures privacy.

Currency used. Most agencies charge US Dollars but it doesn’t matter even if you have the local currency. You can change it using the current dollar rate. 

To make it brief, both US dollars and Uganda shillings are accepted. If you have currencies from other countries, you will be required to change them into US Dollars.

Payment. When you book in advance, you can deposit if it is requested, but mostly payments for the taxi services are made on arrival by cash only. 

Card charging is not supported in Uganda so make sure to travel with some cash or withdraw once you get to the airport.

No Public means from the Airport. There are no public means from Entebbe airport. Therefore you have to use either an airport taxi or make arrangements with a friend or family member in Uganda to pick you.

How to book. If you are not sure how to book an airport taxi don’t worry. This is simple just get to the contact us page and fill the form with the message that highlights all that you need for your transfer services. 

A reservation agent is online to get back to you in time. Ask any question you may need to know about airport taxi services in Uganda, where to stay, best things to do, or where to go for the best moments in Uganda.

There is a Scarcity. Since thousands of travelers who come to Uganda every day get from the Airport by airport taxi, this is expected. 

Therefore it is recommended that you book your taxi services in advance. If not that just get ready to get stuck at the airport. 

Offered by Local drivers. The taxi services from Entebbe airport are offered by local Ugandans. There are welcoming, friendly and ensure that customers get services to their expectations. Expected to be welcomed by warm greetings and a smiling face. 

Transfer to other Parts of the Country. Taxi agencies in Uganda like us offer not only transfers from Entebbe to nearby towns and cities like Kampala but also to far isolated locations like major towns in western Uganda, Eastern Uganda, Southern Uganda, and Northern Uganda. 

What you should do is to book in advance for your transportation such that arrangements are made in time. 

Whom to use. Multiple agencies offer these services, but if you fancy impeccable services at affordable prices, Entebbe Airport Express is for you. Get in touch with us and everything will be arranged for your best.

Last-minute booking costs. This is common everywhere, especially with travel. Once you book at the last minute, expect to miss out, be overcharged, or use poor services. Therefore it is better you reserve your ride in time for perfect arrangements. 

SUVs are used. Taxi services in Uganda are offered in service utility and saloon vehicles such as Toyota Premio, Rav4, Noah, Wish, Vitz, Raum, and Spacio. 

Special vehicles are used on request and this incurs an extra charge. So make sure to specify it in the email if you need to use a special vehicle.

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