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Entebbe International Airport

The new Normal of Getting from Entebbe Airport

It is suspected that once Entebbe Airport resumes its work all visitors to the country from other parts of the World including citizens will be transported by the Ministry of Health up to a hotel in Entebbe where deep tests for the Covid-19 virus will be made.

Entebbe Airport is a bit isolated and far from Entebbe town, it takes some minutes for the drive. The Ministry of Health is planning to introduce well-facilitated buses that will offer the transportation service up to Entebbe at an affordable price. This is meant to trace and monitor all visitors to the country before there are allowed to freely engage with the public.

Every visitor to Uganda is required to first do a Covid-19 test in the exact location you are coming from. The results must indicate you are negative and Covid-19 free. This will be proved by a certificate you must present once you get to the airport. Failure to do that will lead you to a fourteen days quarantine or denial of entry access to the country.

After the tests in your home, when you get to the airport you will again do another test and wait for your results. This will majorly prove to the Ministry of Health that you are free from Covid-19. Negative results will permit you for free movement in the country but limiting yourself from crowded places.

If you are found positive, then you will be forwarded to the hospital for medication. Those with symptoms of Covid-19 but negative are subjected to a must be quarantine of fourteen days.

Everything at Entebbe Airport will be conducted by the Ministry of Health including airport pick up, drop off from the designated hotels in Entebbe town. These hotels are reserved mainly to do all the checkups before you are proved safe to the public.

After all the tests and certification, you are free to get your Airport taxi for transfer up to any other part of the country. Either from Entebbe to Kampala, Jinja, Masaka, Mbale, Mbarara or other towns and cities in Uganda.

You are to be transported by the ministry of health up to a hotel in Entebbe for tests, but make sure to book for the airport taxi service in advance such that your transfers are arranged in time. Nothing is more stress-relieving than doing things on the program. Last-minute booking is always frustrating. You either miss out on the service, wait for some time, accept to be overcharged or resort to using services of low quality.

Uganda receives thousands of travelers who use airport taxi for transfer services. Therefore it costs nothing to book in advance and right now service delivery is a bit disorganized due to many steps followed to ensure the SOPs drafted by Uganda’s ministry of health.

To give a brief detail about Entebbe Airport, it is Uganda’s international airport and located within the central region of the country. It takes about an hour to drive from Entebbe up to Kampala city. The time taken usually depends on the speed used and traffic on the way. Don’t get surprised when you take about 2-3 hours especially if you find traffic jam.

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