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Located in the Eastern part of Africa, Uganda is amongst those destinations you must not omit while in Africa for a great holiday.

It shares borders with Rwanda in the Southwest, Tanzania in the South, Kenya in the East, and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the west.

There are thousands of reasons why this destination is common on most travelers’ bucket lists.

Some of these reasons are ease of accessibility, favorable climatic conditions, welcoming locals, tasty food, a wealth of captivating draws, and stable security.

You may be excited to have some good times in Uganda. Without a doubt, this is everyone’s wish, but before you go on to book a flight to Entebbe, these points listed below are essential to know.

Its location. 

Uganda is one of the countries that make up the African continent. It is geographically located in the Eastern region of Africa bordered by Rwanda, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Tanzania.

Its capital. 

Like any other country, Uganda has a capital city and this is Kampala. This city is located in the central part of the country.

It has every service you may wish to have in Uganda except the Wildlife that is inhabited in the country’s protected areas like National Parks, Sanctuaries, and Game reserves.

Where to Land. 

Once you book a flight to Uganda, you won’t land anywhere else. Expect to be welcomed to the Pearl of Africa at Entebbe International Airport. This landing space is about 35 kilometers from Kampala city.

What’s required for Entry. 

You won’t be allowed to enter Uganda if you don’t have these three documents. These include a valid passport, yellow fever vaccination card, a Covid-19 test certificate, and a Visa.

There are keener on these documents, expect to be denied entry permission if you miss one of them.

Currencies Used. 

The local currency used in Uganda is shillings but other foreign currencies are used. Some of the currencies accepted in the country are the US dollar, Euros, and Pounds. Make sure to travel with one of those currencies listed.

Language Used. 

Leaving alone the local languages, the main language used in Uganda is English. At least most locals in the country can express themselves in English although they mostly use local languages like Luganda, Lusoga, Iteso, Runyoro, and more.

Accommodation & Food. 

If you are planning to visit Uganda, other things you should get excited about is its appealing accommodation and delicious food.

The country is dotted with multiple lodges, hotels, guest houses, and motels reserved for visitors to stay amicably.

In whichever city or town you go to, you won’t fail to get somewhere to sleep. Besides accommodation, Uganda’s local food is hard to miss.

Most of the eateries serve both local and international dishes. If you want to try the local dishes, make sure to visit some local markets like Owino.

You will find many food stalls that offer luscious Ugandan dishes at affordable places. For those who can’t make it to the local markets, look out for restaurants that specialize in serving Uganda’s local food.

How to Get from the Airport. 

You can easily get from the airport by taxicab. Many agencies offer this service, but what I advise is to choose a genuine operator.

It may be hard to choose the best, then based on my knowledge why can’t I recommend for you one.

For those who fancy awesome services delivered at reasonable prices, endeavor to contact Airport Taxi Entebbe for unmatched transfer services.

How to Get around Uganda. 

Once you are in Uganda there are two convenient ways of getting around. You can either hire an airport taxi to take you to different locations or contact a local Car Rental agency to hire a car with a driver or hire a car for self-drive.

While in cities like Kampala and wish to go local, you can either walk along the streets or hop on a Boda Boda for a great local experience.

Where to go. 

Are you visiting Uganda to explore its natural wonders? Don’t miss its protected areas that include National Parks, Sanctuaries, and game reserves. Uganda records ten National parks that are nestled in different regions of the country.

In western Uganda you find parks like Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park known for Mountain Gorillas, other parks are Queen Elizabeth, Semliki, Kibale Forest, Mountain Rwenzori, and Lake Mburo National Park.

Eastern and Northern Uganda are home to two Parks (Mountain Elgon and Kidepo Valley National Park). The last one is Murchison Falls National Park in the northwestern part of the country.

Game reserves are many and some of them include Budongo forest reserve, Pian Upe, Kigezi, Katonga, Karuma Wildlife reserve, and more.

Then Sanctuaries are only two and these include Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

Apart from protected areas, there are other localities to explore in Uganda. Some of these points of interest are cities, cultural villages and centers, historical sites, and other natural sceneries like waterfalls, mountains, and more.

Top things to Do. 

The list of things to partake in in Uganda is endless, that’s why most tourists don’t wish to ignore it while in Africa.

Whether you are in love with wildlife, culture, history, food tours, city tours, local life encounters, or adventure trips, there are all here.

Some of the tourists’ favorite activities embody Gorilla trekking, Wildlife viewing, Chimpanzee tracking, Golden monkey tracking, Rhino tracking, Mountain Hiking, White water rafting in Jinja, and Boat cruise.

Is it Secure? 

Uganda is more secure, don’t be worried about any rebel attacks. Most regions are dotted with police posts that are meant to protect people from any threat or attack.

The army is deployed on all borders shared by other countries like Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Tanzania.

Top Day Tours in Uganda. 

There are multiple day tours for you to participate especially if you have limited time in the country.

For those who love chimpanzees, a day tour to Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary is for you. Then Kampala city tour is for anyone who is after major points of interest in the country’s capital.

Apart from that other engaging day tours you must not miss include a day tour to Mabamba swamp for birders, a day trip to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking, one day to Jinja for White water rafting, and an Entebbe town tour.

With Entebbe town tour, you will get a chance to explore various spots in this area such as Entebbe botanical gardens, Uganda Wildlife education center, its untouched beaches, and Zika forest.

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