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Kigali International Airport – Its Location & How to Get from There

Formerly known as Gregoire Kayibanda, Kigali Airport is the main airport of Rwanda. It serves Kigali, the country’s capital and is of regional importance as it serves Ugandan, Burundian and Congolese cities.

It is suitably located on the outskirts of Kanombe in the southeast of Kigali. It is about 5 km from the city Centre and 10 km from the central business district of Rwanda capital.

Set at 1491 meters above sea level, its terminal is one of the highest in the World amongst the international airports.

Its 3500 m runway supports landing of all types of aircraft and this is the reason for the continuous increase of passenger traffic to 800000 passengers.

Ranked the 7th among the best regional airports in Africa, Kigali airport has three terminals and two heliports. The main terminal was put up to replace a building that now serves as a VIP terminal and the third terminal is for cargo.

It strikes visitors with its latest renovations and modernization. Because it complies with ICAO standards, Kigali airport ranks 2nd in Africa.

Anew airport in Bugesera is currently under construction. This is meant to increase space for the passenger traffic that is constantly increasing in Rwanda.

The topography of Kigali can’t all extension of Kanombe airport. The new airport is 40km south of Kigali and will have only one runway.

Rwandan government sealed a partnership with the Portuguese company Mota Engil in September 2016 to construct Bugesera airport.

This company will not only be responsible for construction but also its management for 25 years. The airport is expected to receive about 1.7 million passengers per year.

The capacity is expected to be expanded to 4.5 million passengers once all infrastructure is accomplished. This is an 818 million US dollar investment and Mota Engil will cover the costs of 418 million for the first phase and 400 million USD for the second phase.

How to travel from there

There are multiple ways to get from the airport, but nothing is more rewarding, flexible and convenient than using an airport taxi to Kigali or any other part in Rwanda the land of a thousand hills.

Airport taxi services from Kigali airport are offered by Rwandan local drivers in well facilitated and comforting vehicles. Services are awesome and delivered at affordable prices, don’t hesitate to try them.

To avoid all unexpected frustrations on arrival make sure to book Kigali Airport Taxi in advance such that your transfer is arranged in time. Last-minute booking is ever disappointing and costly.

Where to Stay

From the airport, the nearby city is Kigali, the country’s capital. It is the pivot of the country, so it isn’t a surprise that most visitors stopover here for night stays. There are many hotels, lodges and guest houses that are reserved for visitors to stay.

Don’t be worried about accommodation in Kigali, whether you need a budget, mid-range or luxury facilities there are all there.

If you have a different travel schedule without Kigali, you can transfer from the airport directly to any other city or town like Musanze, Ruhengeri, Kibuye and more for your overnight.

Where to eat

Are you not sure of where to eat in Kigali? Don’t be worried about this. In whichever corner of the city, there is an eatery for you to get something to eat.

Most restaurants in the city serve both local and international dishes. If you fancy an exceptional culinary experience endeavor to try Rwanda’s local food.

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