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Entebbe International Airport - Kampala

Fly Emirates

Fly Emirates cancels all flights from Dubai to Uganda

Due to the wide spread of Corona Virus/ Covid 19, the Emirates airline has decided to cancel flights from Dubai to Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport.

On Thursday 12-03-2020, the airline issued a statement which declared that Monday and Wednesday flights are cancelled starting from March 18 to April 29 as noted below.

“Dear Industry Partners, please be advised that due to operations reasons, the following flight cancellations will take place effective March 18, 2020 till April 29, 2020, Mondays and Wednesday only,”

This was confirmed by Ms Sarina Carrasco, the Emirate sales manager in Uganda although deep reasons were not stated. “Yes the information above is correct and the decision is from our headquarters, more information to be communicated to media”

Uganda hasn’t confirmed any Corona virus case, but Dubai is among the countries that are battling with the pandemic Covid 19.

This move is likely to affect Uganda because Dubai is one of the top destination that supply labor to Ugandans but nothing to with the situation. It will as well affect the economy because Uganda has been a good supplier of agricultural products to this remarkable locality in the United Arab Emirates.

The Airline is fostering a strong screening to all passengers who are boarding and this is meant to control the wide spread of the virus.

If there is any passenger found with temperatures higher than the normal mark, then they will undergo further testing.  The Airline also introduced waivers to customer should they decide to alter their travel plans.

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